Sony Windows Phone could become reality in the mid-2014

Sony Windows PhoneThe tendency of the new device, which displays the latest technologies and software to hit the market is sure to continue in 2014 as well. Among the new devices to enter the market, several gadgets review sites in India, especially looking forward to the expected launch of a new Windows phone with electronics giant Sony in mid-year. The news about the launch of this device by Sony is doing the rounds as reported by various news articles gadgets experience with a prototype mobile phone company in the last quarter of 2013.

Sony, which struggled lately in the mobile market, especially in the midrange, this move is considering diversifying mobile units.

Although the company has received a lot of applause in the various reviews of the latest technology for the Xperia series phones and tabs on the company, which is well beyond the reach of ordinary people. With the introduction of Windows Phone, the company can plan to give users a market for feature phones is more diversified and highly profitable.

According to tech news reports, this move by Sony, also mean the end of handle has a market Nokia Windows Phone in recent years. In fact, this can lead to serious competition between the two giants of mobile technology in the near future.

No confirmed an agreement between Sony and Microsoft, to develop a new Windows phone reports. Although these devices consists of press releases, while Sony is definitely worth almost all reports of major news and gadget sites. However, there is speculation about the success of this agreement and both parties must agree on various aspects including license fees, advertising revenue and even features of the gadget along with the phone.

So, although it is too early to say what you want the new Windows Phone from Sony as if it hit the news in the market, the technology to improve the expectations of customers, especially pregnant market. ” But whether or not they have a windows phone from Sony has been achieved in 2014, will be determined only after the confirmation of the agreement between Sony and Microsoft were reported by several news providers gadgets.

Windows Phone 8.1’s rumoured notification customisation settings leaked in image

Windows Phone 8.1's rumoured notification customisation settings leaked in imageWindows Phone users, who have been missing a notification centre, might soon be relieved, if an image of the incoming Windows Phone 8.1 is true.

WMPoweruser has posted an image showing the purported lockscreen settings of the upcoming revamped version of the Windows Phone operating system, Windows Phone 8.1.

The purported image of the Windows Phone 8.1 shows notification customisation settings that include up to four quick access settings. The leaked image also reveals a new turn on/off notification feature for apps, which will reportedly not disable the Live Tiles functionality of the app on the device. In addition, the leaked image also shows a banner notification for the Windows Phone, although it does not detail the functionality. The leaked image also includes icons for Wi-Fi Hot spot, brightness, Wi-Fi and airplane mode.

Unfortunately, the purportedly leaked image of the Windows Phone 8.1 notification customisation settings is blurred and not all features are visible.

On Tuesday, a report revealed that Microsoft would ship its upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 with two new features – a notification centre that can be accessed by swiping down from top of the screen, just like Android and iOS, apart from a voice-based assistant believed to be codenamed ‘Cortana’.

The report suggested that Microsoft intends to replace the existing Bing Search on Windows Phone devices to offer voice or text input interactions. The Verge claims that the rumoured voice-based assistant ‘Cortana’ will be similar to Apple Siri technology and Google Now, and can learn location context from the Windows Phone device.

The report noted that the Redmond giant has been testing copies of Windows Phone 8.1 internally and plans to unveil the rumoured Windows Phone upgrade at Build Developer Conference in April next year.