Tip – Update WordPress Database Connection String

Tip - Update WordPress Database Connection StringWordPress is a blog engine or one of the tools to build a blog and open source applications (open source) is the most famous as the engine of a blog (blog engine) used. WordPress is built using PHP and a database (the database) to MySQL.

PHP and MySQL, both open source software (FOSS). In addition to the blog, WordPress also began to be used as a CMS (Content Management System), for its ability to be modified and adapted to the needs of its users.

Here are 8 of the most championed talent WordPress:

Based on Open Source

Open Source based, so that you can get for free and can be built by anyone.

Two. Adjust

WordPress has an advantage in terms of a Content Management System (CMS). Allows users to add and modify the content of sites or blogs, as required.

Three. Plugin

Support plugin is very different, from the Akismet spam blocker, and intense debate comment regulators such as those responsible for pooling Pope pool, security, create forums and e-commerce plugin.

April. Subject

Is really an issue and thus giving the display according to the user’s requirements,.

May. Search Engine

It has a structure and a system that is easily recognized by search engines like Google and Yahoo NII.

6. Support, maintenance and backup

With the support of a great company to easily perform advanced maintenance and backup users.

7. Research and Development

WordPress is subject to continuous development in order to achieve perfection made with the developers.

8. Community Support

WordCamp is a gathering of activists WordPress ground coffee from around the world, even more powerful development of WordPress.

Reasons – Why choose Mambo CMS for your online business

Reasons - Why choose Mambo CMS for your online businessMambo Open Source (Mos) or often called Mambo is a Content Management System (CMS) that is built using PHP (PHP Hypertext Processor). Mambo Open Source CMS is the best time and won the Linux User and Development Award 2004 for “Best Linux or open source software.

Although the program using the PHP language, does not mean you know everything about php code. Because they do not understand HTML, JavaScript, ASP, CGI, PHP or learn not to be afraid, because even if you do not know about the code, anyone can create a web page with some very complex features.

Mambo can be used to make a website:



Non – Profit


Different applications can be created using Mambo, as it has several functions, including:

To update, news pages, article pages home page and the page file quickly.

You can view Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF.

A new menu in the main menu, another menu and top menu adds easy

You can quickly and easily adjust the links on the web.

Banner Set (advertising).

You can control the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Regulated Latest News

Archives and recast

You can print, send an article via email, and read the article in PDF format.

Users can set different levels of access levels.

You can add components, modules, templates and third party (such as forums, calendar, reminder, organizer, guest book (guestbook), shopping carts, etc.).

Mambo different designs with similar applications, such as Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver. Mambo is very flexible, easy to use, and simple shapes, make this software very user friendly because:

Easy setup / install.

The administrator has a simple interface to manage the contents of the (web).

Easy to use for editing (add, modify and delete) the content and images.

Having the flexibility to adjust the front display.

With the flexibility to add new components and third-party modules.

As mentioned above it is not necessary to know the concept of web development using HTML, XML and DHTML, enter only the content and images you want to appear on the site. Not even need to understand the FTP program webmaster to upload data because Mambo is able to handle the situation.

To WordPress or Not To WordPress

That is the question. I have been developing websites for clients for several years now. When I first started the business, I do not use open source software for my clients because I feel like I cheated them out of my own personal work. I’m really big on a static website (like only I know how to do it) and themes.

At fully custom time, I knew little about the form of a Content Management System (CMS). I do, however, learn very quickly what “website maintenance” could possibly require. I saw my time to create a new website is fast shrinking with only three clients – all desired changes have been made on their site yesterday. And of course, without any form of user system can be used to edit their own content, a simple word change required me to dig into the code to make it edits.

Meanless to say, this that fun.So then I stumbled across WordPress. I do not mean hosting free blog at WordPress.com – spine instead of “download and install your own” type found at WordPress.org. Yes, there is a difference! Well, as I find some spare time between the end-client calm, I started playing with my own personal site. I’ve heard of WordPress for the first time, and I decided to install and try it. My first installation took about four hours (and, sad to say, no matter how I get into the database you need to fix something that I try to import and failed miserably on – I tried to make over an active forum as well as using BuddyPress). Then I realized the installation can take as little as 11 minutes! I have a red “facepalm” signing for hours.

Well, I immediately began to install WordPress for new clients, but continue to charge the same price as before (which honestly is not much to begin with – I learned a few lessons in self during the same). Guilt crept in at tenth time spent doing better work. I started doing some research and came up with the following analysis:

WordPress is free for me to use, but I will charge for it

Themes that have been made and often beautiful, but credit must be given to look

Child theme (my own version based on another template theme) is time-consuming and difficult to make (for beginners), but offset with free installation, and does not need to be credited (or may have My own personal ad there)

Plugin add functionality I can expect to achieve with my level of programming

The client will create and maintain their own contentThis author holds no more guilty for using open source software, especially WordPress. Can I put my time into a custom design and even do not worry about the content. Better yet, I can show others how to use this software once and did not even touch the fact myself.

In, I started doing it, and you can check it out for yourself! I’d rather not take my word for it anyway.