Understanding Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud computing applications is something that should be used in everyday life. But you need to know about what it actually means and different parts used for cloud computing. Components are collectively known as Cloud Computing Architecture and usually consists of a front end and back end platforms. Networks and delivery systems are also part of the cloud system architecture.

The front end is the part that the client can see as the back end consists of a front end cloud.

The including client computers will be equipped with the necessary software applications to access the cloud. However, not all cloud applications using the same interface. E-mail or communications applications typically use a Web browser, while other types of applications that provide network access.The back end consists of many computers and data storage systems together a device known as cloud computing. This system can consist of a variety of video processing program simple games and other complex applications. Each of them have their own special operating server.

The done properly by the administration server. This system monitors traffic in the cloud and serve the needs of clients. A set of protocols are followed and various middleware is used for network communication. A technology commonly known as server virtualization is often adopted. This will help in reducing the number of physical computers system.

Cloud computing service providers usually have a large capacity of data storage computers to hold their clients. However, digital data can be copied to ensure availability at all times. The process of making a backup copy or known as repetition. Data loss is unheard of cloud computing technology because certain companies smartcloud practice.IBM of public cloud IaaS is gentle, safe and scalable technology that provides access to the storage facility with a functional virtual server. It is suited for software development and testing functions and also helps to make your workload easier. A part of the framework of the IBM Smart Cloud, also consists of Saas business solutions including cloud computing architecture for both private and hybrid clouds. With cloud companies help to reduce errors considerably.

The Smartcloud allows users to: –

• Turn the necessary infrastructure.

• Develop software stack

• Perform limited use of the service on a pay per use basis.Learning about architecture is not required if you are only interested in running applications. However, it is important to get an idea of ​​how cloud computing technology works as you might have to take stock of your account by monitoring the entire system on a regular basis.

Syatems operation

ICTShort Introduction to Information and Communication Technology, it is the study or business development and use of technologies to support information processing and communication (eg, voice conversations, email, business data is processed by computer applications , etc.) .. The last few years have seen a complete revolution in how information is collected, archived and used in businesses and governments worldwide. Throughout most of the world, the workplace has changed from being based on a paper document, full of errors and delays, based on the information technology (IT). However, apart from explaining an acronym, there is no universally accepted definition of ICT? Why? Because the concepts, methods and applications involved in ICT continues to rise on an almost daily basis. It is difficult to keep up with the changes – they happen so focused fast.Let’s three words behind ICT: INFORMATION


Technological functions of a good way to think about ICT is to consider all the uses of digital technology that already exist to help individuals, businesses and organizations use information.ICT apply each product for storage, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive information electronically in a digital form. For example, personal computers, digital television, email, ICT robots.So associated with storage, retrieval, manipulation, digital sending or receiving data. Importantly, it also relates to the way that different uses can work with each other.Discuss:Why IT is essential to modern wordIn business, ICT is often classified into two broad types or products : traditional computer-based technology (in the case of those who normally do on a personal computer or use a computer at home or at work), andthe new and rapidly growing range of digital communications technology (which allows enables people and organizations to communicate and share digital information) ICT Computer Based TechnologiesThese traditional types including: Office Standard Application – Main processing ExamplesWord

For example Microsoft Word: Write letters, reports etcSpreadsheets

For example Microsoft Excel, Analise financial information, calculations, evaluation model making software etcDatabase

For example, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Access: Managing data in various forms, from basic lists (eg contacts customers through complex material (eg catalogs)) Presentation software

For example, Microsoft Power Point, make presentations, either directly using a computer screen or data projector. Publish in digital format by email or by performing Internet.Desktop

For example, Adobe In-Design, Quark Express, Microsoft Publisher, the results of newsletters, magazines, and other complex software documents.Graphics

For example, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand and Fireworks, create and edit images such as logos, pictures or photos to use in DTP, web sites or other applications publicationsSpecialist – Example (! There are many of them pack) Accounting

For example, Sage, Oracle: Manage the organization, the accounts’, including revenue / sales, purchasing, bank account etc. The different systems are available from the main package suitable for small businesses with sophisticated measures aimed at multinational companies.Computer aided design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computers to assist the design process. Specialized CAD programs exist for different types of design: architecture, engineering, electronics, roadways.Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Software that enables companies to better understand their customers by collecting and analyzing data as their product preferences, buying habits etc. Often associated with the application software supported by the call centers and loyalty card example.Traditional Computer-Based Technology

C part of ICT refers to data communication by electronic means, usually over some distance. This is often achieved through the network to send and receive equipment, wire and satellite communications technologies involved links.The tend to elaborate. You certainly do not need to understand them for your ICT courses. However, there are aspects of digital communications need to be aware of. Mainly related to the type of network and how to connect to the Internet. Let’s look at the two networks briefly.Internal

Often referred to as a local area network (LAN), involves linking a number of items of hardware (input and output devices plus computer processing) together in an office LAN or the building.The goal to be able to share hardware such as printers or scanners, software applications and data. Type of network is very important in an office environment where peers need to have access to common data or network programs.External

Often, you need to talk to someone outside your internal network, in this case must be part of a Wide Area Network (WAN). The Internet is a wide area network WAN networks.ICT especially in the context of the wider

It will almost certainly be included in the above examples of ICT in action, perhaps focusing on the use of key applications of spreadsheets, databases, presentations, graphics and web design software.It will also consider offers offer the following important topics on how ICT is used and managed in an organization: Nature information (“I” in ICT)

It covers topics such as the meaning and value of information: how information is controlled: the limitations of ICT; law informationthis considerations.Management including how data is captured, verified and stored for effective Usage: manipulation, processing and distribution of information, keep information secure, designing a network for sharing technique informationInformation system

It considers how ICT can be used in a business or organization as part of the achievement of goals and objectivesAs you can see, ICT has a wide scope and rapidly changing.