Computer Forensics – How Digital Evidence Is Collected

But we are not yet in the world of surveillance and security? Of Foucault’s ideas of discipline and punishment, the idea of ​​’big brother’ is known and not implemented for many years. Moreover, Bentham’s panopticon style Jail just looks, designed to keep inmates watch without knowing, completely changed the face tracking in today’s day and age. Of course, Bentham saw Jail to have a positive effect on criminal behavior, but doing the same thing for the general public? Mainly focused on the digital age and we have entered the information, one of the main advantages for companies to become elite distribute advertising and promotion of the people monitoring the internet shopping and surfing habits.

Subsequently the government body has ensured that people are always good internet surveillance made possible by frequent media coverage and legislative action. This not only makes the shopping experience more personalized and tailored to our tastes, but it enables a higher level of security to protect the public from the unauthorized and potentially dangerous online behavior. However, the level of monitoring raises the question, how far they have to go? This is one example of the effect on tracking people online presence can have. If you see this as a positive or negative, there is always a concern that personal data might be leaked, hacked or altered without permission. There are great sites like Google and Facebook will be able to see what you do online, your likes, dislikes, spending habits, social groups, hobbies and even your location, all while using their services. Do not they have information, they use it as a way to ‘make your online experience better’ but in reality they could use all the data to manipulate what you buy, choose what they want you to look at and potentially change the course of the use of the internet. If power is supplied to large companies, which allows easy access for government agencies could mean even your private conversations, calls, messages and the sensitive data without knowing.

Granted you learned, if the police ask to see the information, we are usually happy to allow this, but legislation is being considered can be compared to someone looking for property in your home while you are away. Do you like the idea? Safety vs. privacy, slim line and is difficult to tell which path you see fit for everyone. But it seems very similar to the idea of ​​panopticon prison stretch in the daily life of everyone in some shape or form sooner or later.

Cyberspace:? Which term is derived from and What It Means

Rarely a day goes by that we do not find the preface “cyber.” We heard it in conversations, on TV and radio. We see this printing. Whatever the source, we mostly tend to think of the term as having some relationship to the computer and the Internet.

Cyberspace met in my Word spell-checker, but not cyberstudy. And to further cloud the problem, cyber often use a word, ie, cybercrime, cyber intelligence. Over time, what we have been used as two words are now often combined together into one. “Web site” is now recognized as a single word to the Associated Press (ap) Style Manual (guidebook for journalists) After a long search a dozen websites for the definition of cyber and virtual world, here’s what I found:. • Three different forums have customers say it stands for computer sex (we know where they came from) • Webopedia:. A metaphor to describe non-physical terrain created by computer systems. Online system, for example, create a virtual world where people can talk … • Wikipedia:. Cyberspace is the electronic medium of computer networks, in which online communication occur • And some people believe the term cybernetics, and in particular the “virtual world” comes from the Greek for steersman, steering , or pilot. Cybernetics is a term that refers to electronic communication and control science. • The term cyberspace even appeared on website.

Yes … I have better things to do, but because I was working on a series of articles about digital detective, I was wondering how a prosecution witness will define cybercrime cyberspace or used during testimony . In TV news I recently heard the representatives of the NSA, Homeland Security and the military expressed their belief that the greatest threat to the U.S. is not a terrorist attack. Officials believe that the virtual world will be the means by which criminals crossing our borders … by Internet.

Statistics show that our federal government has more than 41,000 cyber attacks in 2010, and these are the ones that they are able to detect. They spent nearly $ 12000000000 Information Technology (IT) security years almost covered employee’s salary and benefits.

Identity theft is a growing problem. Chances are you have experienced or know someone who has. In my case I recover voicemail on our phone at home one Sunday afternoon. We are asked to call the fraud units of our bank credit cards. They proved that we use credit card to pay for dinner on Friday night (Raleigh, NC), and the next day we made a number of purchasing cards in Palm Beach, FL. Buying continues through Sunday until the card is maxed out.

More Recently, I received an email from Facebook security (yes, they actually have security department). They asked if I had made a post on my page that morning. I do not. It seems that some chap in the Russian province (which I can not pronounce, let alone spell) used my account.

Yes, law enforcement has made huge strides in the investigation of cybercrime. But it will stop? No, do not. IT security experts say that more than 800 million personal records stolen by hackers in the past. And even the most complex, hi-tech security software available, some cybercreep eventually return to it. Cyber ​​forensics has grown from screaming demand greater involvement in cybercrime law enforcement. Now many agencies of the unit associated with the online mess, and more getting ready for it. The problem is that the computer specialist may never see the light at the end of the tunnel called cyberspace.

Learn To Speak Language Computer

Most businesses now need to adjust the technology to maintain a certain level of success. If you have a business that uses computers, it is important for you to ensure that every person who is in your business up-to-date with the latest information about the computer. This is true when it comes to computer operating properly and be able to surf the Internet safely without having to worry about viruses and spyware is problematic. It is also important for you to understand how computers communicate, because it has become an art form that is often overlooked in business community.

The first thing you should understand about computers are some of the key terms used in book talk about the computer correctly. Instead of thinking you are dealing with a lot of technobabble, it is important for you to understand the basic rules so that you can talk to someone about your computer savvy. One of the reasons why it may be necessary for you to do if you are having problems with your computer and need the kind of improvements made. It may also be necessary for you to communicate well with any type of computer IT recruitment, because you want to ensure that you get people to your IT team to understand that computers are very well.

It as may be necessary for you to make some kind of computer based training so you can really tell employees about how they had to use a computer every day. If you’ve ever heard say that there is something just as strong as its weakest link, which is especially true when it comes to a computer network. If someone who works for your company act waste online, it is likely that the problem will occur that are worth your time and money. By properly educating your employees about the use of computers, especially when it comes to using online, you will save quite a bit frustration.

Along to learn about computers and technical terms needed to talk about intelligent computers, it is also important to ensure that you regularly update your device. Of course, it would not be important for you to follow the absolute latest technology, as it is constantly changing. What is important, however, is for you to ensure that all software that runs on your computer regularly updated. If there is one type of patch is provided in the software you use, make sure you install soon. The same is true for any updates to the antivirus or anti-spyware programs that may be operating in your computer. By updating the program on a regular basis, you will help to ensure that you keep your computer as safe as possible from all the latest threats that may be the world.

New Laptop Configuration

There are many things to consider when you are shopping for a laptop, two of the most important specifications but will be processor and RAM. Here I will explain some of the basic features of both so you can make better choices when buying a laptop for yourself.

PROCESSOR (CPU) Intel makers largest semi-conductor world have begun the process of moving to a line of quad core processors. Their range is branded as Core i3, i5 and i7. If you are hunting for a bargain then you can choose Core 2 older model, but you’d better stick to the latest range.

You may also consider processors from Intel rival AMD with different Other interesting products branded as Turion II and Athlon II. If you’re a budget shopper then this process is worth considering the objectives and deliverables for most tasks. The big difference between the processors made by AMD is just not as fast as they are made by Intel and they tend to act as a drain on the battery life.

The most important task is to exercise exactly how much processing power you need. In general, Core i3 or i5 suitable for most people. But if you do a lot of video editing then you will need a more powerful processor. Players in particular believe they need a powerful processor, but in actual practice it can get away with slow chip.

Quad core chips are still many expenses and also tend to drain battery pretty quickly. You can identify a quad-core chip by Q recorded by the machine model number. If you use your laptop as your primary machine, and do not take it on the road, or you gamer or video editor, quad chip cases become more informed decisions compelling.

The processor gets more complex when you order a custom laptop from the manufacturer. As a rule you should avoid the most expensive chipset to offer and go for the most expensive second or third chip. The price increases were generally comparable performance. You do not have to spend more than $ 150 processor upgrade. If you are just surfing the internet or word processing, even a dual core processor is more than adequate.

MEMORY (RAM) RAM is 4GB of memory standard offered by most manufacturers even on low-end laptop and this is really all you need. Starting price for a laptop with 4GB RAM for just under $ 500. In the past, manufacturers used to make consumers pay through the nose when they upgrade the memory while a custom order. Recently, this practice seems to have changed, and Apple just basically still this.

If 4GB memory upgrade costs you less than $ 90, which is what is charged separately, then you should definitely upgrade . Beyond the 4GB upgrade will be expensive, and the only reason to do this is to edit the video, and even then it still is not really necessary when you compare it to the cost. For the desktop, spend the extra $ 100 is not a big deal, but for a laptop which is causing you an extra $ 300 for 8GB, it’s just not worth it unless your laptop is your primary video editing software.

MS Outlook Tip: How to Automatically Fix E-mail in

Ford Model T assembly is often cited as an example of world-changing productivity. Outlook rule never can have honor, but it is a great productivity tool if tweaked correctly. Outlook rules can truly serve as assembly lines for all incoming email tasks.

Think management guidelines as a traffic cop that directs and moves (email) and to streamline the flow of traffic. Rules specific instructions sets are applied to a set of messages under certain conditions. Rule applies to messages and RSS feeds.

All Outlook rules broadly consists of two types of “” the people associated to organize your messages by moving around and people tell you when certain actions occurs.

The best thing about the rules that they can be applied selectively, applied in combination, auto run or even run manually. Think about it, in the absence of rules, we’d have to spend much time with sorting emails by hand one by one time.

One of the most frequently used are application of the rules if you want to set up email in Outlook and move e-mail folder automatically when they go to your inbox. Obvious advantages of automatic email shunting is cleanliness and organization. This rule is most appropriate for the mail often comes – such as newsletters, email updates or feeds. Mail is usually stored in “~ storage ‘for later reading.

So, create personal folders for submissions is the first thing, the creation of a system for automatically organizing emails into folders That is next.

1. Setup a folder or folders to store emails (eg Job, Family, Pals, and newsletters etc.) 0.

2. You can create rules directly from the message. Right-click on the email you want to automatically move to a specific folder. Click the Create Rule.

3. Create a Rule in the box that opens, you can select one or more conditions and follow-through action by checking the box. As shown, you can filter e-mail based on sender address (or distribution list), the subject and / or receiver. You can also set a warning sound or desktop New Item Alert for incoming e-mail. To move e-mail to a particular folder, tick Move an item in a folder. Click the Select button to select a folder or folders New to one.

4.Click new click OK to confirm the new rules. All emails satisfy the new rules will be transferred automatically to a folder from now. If you want to run the rule immediately, check the Run this rule now on messages when rule folder.

5.Further perfect if you want by clicking on Advanced Options. Wizard advanced options allow you to select other conditions, choose different actions to do with them, and choose the exclusion of the rules if any. 5. So, I think the interesting drama with the rules? Let’s see … You can move mail with an attachment to another folder but with the exception that it is set in different sizes. Another good use is to set the priority level for the incoming mail so that you can tackle the more important first, and leave the rest to later.
Alternatively, instead of choosing a message to start the new rules , you can also start making rules from scratch using the wizard opening Tools “” Rules and Alerts “” New Rule.

In Step 1:. Select the template stay organized under the entry, select Move messages from someone folder.

In Step 2: Edit the rule description “” click on the underlined link for the person or distribution list to set the address filter. Next, click on the link for a particular folder folder.

The set a target sequence is the same as the next step in the Options wizard.

Many further action that can be performed on automatic emails appeal with various combination rules. Remember, the rules of which are performed sequentially as shown in the Rules and Alerts box. Policy can always be edited at any step and also to have them changed.

What Can Examiner Computer Security Do for Your Business?

An investigator is a specialist in computer security for business critical networks. In a situation where all businesses, even the smallest, the use of computer equipment and internet, IT security investigator has a lot to offer. He would be entitled to security of information, and tend to specialize in one or two sub-fields.

There two general types of situations in which an investigator may be required by the business computer security.

First, IT security experts will be asked to inspect the company’s information security status, and make recommendations for improvement. This task is not necessarily linked to any particular security incidents, and can only be part of the relevant compliance requirements. These types of experts are aware of the standards of information security officers, and corporate governance regulations, and it is also experienced in systems auditing and computer information.

Second, computer security investigators will be called after an organization has experienced information security incidents. In this case, after investigating the incident IT security specialists may be called upon to provide advice on improving information security in general so as to prevent further such incidents. This type of expert for knowledge about relevant laws and recent case law, and also able to provide advice on the forensic aspects of the situation.

Both situations require different skill set to the security expert. The first case requires qualified specialists in the field of audit and corporate governance as a matter of information security, and possibly also the actual track record in managing computer security. The second case requires a qualified expert in the field of law related to computer and digital forensics may, with experience in managing incidents related to computer crime. It would be a mistake to hire a manager to try to have a sort of specialist work another kind, as two sub-areas can be highly technical and require a very different qualifications .

A computer security investigator be brought in as a consultant for a relatively short, clear and to the project. This is because some companies are large enough to support a permanent staff of IT security specialists. This makes it all the more important for a company to take time in choosing the right person as their investigator in information security, because the success of the whole project depends on this decision. But if the right choices are made, then many companies will find that their computer security investigators to provide them with the essential services that can not be eliminated.

How to Make the Internet Work For Your Business

The Internet has opened many doors of opportunity for many companies. These days, it is possible for almost every type of entrepreneur to build an online presence and reach out to a wider market and audience. With the popularity of the Internet, it has become imperative for companies to use online tools and applications to extend their reach. Here are tips on how to make the Internet work for your business: Know your competition.

The best way to know where you stand in relation to your competitors in this industry is to find out who they are, what they do and how they work. A good search engine is very useful for this purpose. With a few clicks and a few targeted search terms, it is possible to find the news of the past and present and other information about other businesses similar to yours. Acquired knowledge may be available in your advantage.

Expand your market reach.

A simple ad on the Internet can do more than one full-page advertisement in a national newspaper or magazine circulation can be done. Target a niche market of business may also be more difficult to achieve using conventional means. An online advertising, on the other hand, can be designed in such a way that not only quicker to start, is also more effective in finding the right audience at cost.

Launch new products and services that are lower in an instant.

On the Internet, a new product or service can be introduced and then reach most of the target demographic in a few minutes. From there it can be shared and passed many times for the broader market. In fact, it may even go viral if all the factors are in place. It is even possible for a well designed and executed advertising to reach audiences around the world in just 24 hours launch.Use as a public relations tool is convenient and cost-effective.

Many companies thrive on word-of-mouth to get people interested. With an online presence, it is possible for entrepreneurs and business owners to create buzz through online websites, advertising, blogs, articles and press releases. The process is simple and easy and if done properly can yield very useful results on investment.

Work from anywhere.

Access to the Internet affords people the ability to access their work files from anywhere. During a secure connection, it is possible to upload and download documents, send e-mail messages and private data exchange, process orders and interacting with customers without physically present at the location. Better yet, it is possible to carry out internal checks on the computer system remotely. Reboot the server, for example, can be made securely through the Internet, thus saving time and manpower.

Interact clients and customers.

The Internet offers a very easy way for companies to reach out and communicate with their end users. Businesses can put a website or allow clients to submit questions, reviews, comments and suggestions via e-mail messaging, forums or live chat. The advantage is that businesses can obtain information at a glance, gather data and respond quickly. As a result, the problem is solved, the problem is solved and the customer’s needs are taken care of in a way that is very personal.

The Role of Digital Forensics investigators

Cyber ​​crime is on the increase. According to the FBI briefing, the number of cases continues to increase digital forensics. At first, the computer forensics industry literature uses the term to refer to a particular branch of forensic science dealing with the investigation and recovery of various materials found in computers. This field expanded to cover digital forensics analysis and investigation of all devices capable of storing digital data. This investigation is often done in conjunction with the crime, which is why it is important that the computer forensic investigator to have the necessary training, but also an interesting experience in the field. Work of the investigator is different from the system or network administrators.

The the most common applications of digital forensic investigations is to discredit or support a conclusion before the court, either criminal or civil. In the case of electronic discovery, investigators may also be useful in the private sector, along the lines of corporate security and internal investigations. Whatever the case, the task of a computer forensic investigator to follow the typical process that began with the seizure of the media and continues with the acquisition, also called forensic imaging. It is imperative that investigators have as much information as possible before undergoing these steps. The first step is often interviewed every person who can provide information with respect to the technical procedures case.

The start getting volatile evidence, that the data can be changed or disappear quickly if no proper treatment. After this step, which can be difficult to do, depending on the level of investigator access a computer or digital device. Next is the physical storage purchases, including memory cards, hard drives, removable disk or USB drive, which will be captured forensics, to ensure continuity of operation of the system, while also using the device as a digital forensics world evidence.

The interesting, but also challenging and demanding. A good computer forensic investigator must not only be highly trained and experienced in the field, but also can connect to step out of the technical world and in the courtroom. Testifying is probably the most challenging part of the job of an investigator. In court, the person must be able to translate technical concepts forensic situations that people can understand. No matter how perfect the investigation, poor presentation in court could have killed him.

Ten Characteristics of Cloud Computing

It is impossible for the company to operate efficiently without investing in information technology. There are different aspects of information technology can work together to increase the capacity. Cloud computing platform allows business owners to provide better service and reduce infrastructure costs. Here are 10 key features that make the technology business friendly.

1. ScalabilityIt important for cloud computing services to be easily measured if no further improvement is needed. If you need additional bandwidth or storage capacity, easily upgraded without any problems. This reduces the additional cost of the project which will go towards the procurement and installation of the necessary infrastructure.

2. Strong IntegrationThe most businesses want IT business services Centered Model. In situations where you do not need to set up the system and network administration, operations become easier.

3 side. Some resources TenancyThese Users easily shared among multiple users without negatively affecting performance. This characteristic makes it easy for both service providers and consumers to adjust better.

4 efficiency. ReliabilityBusinesses rely on the system could suffer big losses if it malfunctions or damage occurs. However, cloud computing can exploit some of the advantages of the site to offer the same services even in difficult sites breakdown.

5. Usage-Based BillingAs a business owner, cutting costs at every opportunity to increase profits significantly. It is based on the consumer to pay for the services and resources they used.

6. ManagementBack end-user and service-based management system maintenance tasks are taken care of by the service provider cloud. This means that you can focus on improving business productivity through the use of easy to use interface to access the cloud computing services.

7. ScaleMost economic cloud computing providers have a lot of business customers using the same service. This feature enables service providers to buy bandwidth at a lower cost than you would individually.

8. Better Business Data SecurityThe prospect of losing valuable business data that hackers have caused many business owners to invest in costly data security solutions. However, the use of the service will cut the risk of a large number of providers to invest in securing consumer data.

9. AccessYou extensive network can easily access cloud computing services using Internet protocol technology standards. This increases accessibility without adding unnecessary infrastructure expenses.

10. Dynamic Computing InfrastructureIt poviders important to launch a dynamic infrastructure that can address the needs of different consumers. These services include automated workload allocation and the high level of capacity utilization are available. Remember that regardless of your business needs, cloud computing gives you the ability to transparently monitor the performance and reliability of the system. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, you do not have to worry about under-utilized assets are worth a lot of money to get and install.

Electronic Discovery Basics: Part 2 of 2

In Part One of this article, we take a broad look at what e-discovery in fact, defines the basic terminology, and check out some of the technologies that affect the field. Now, Part Two final, we will explore in more detail the technology, sending security technologies, and to establish how all this affects you, as practitioner.

TECHNOLOGYThe technologies used for e-discovery is constantly changing and improving. Well, if the increase at this level, then why do you need to get some technology to help you now? Because, like cell phones and computers, has become an inevitable part of the practice of law. New phones come out all the time, but you probably will change every three months. Similarly, recent advances increase the coverage and speed of e-discovery tools all the time, but you do not need to change your routine technology, but just to get some reliable and proven technology that is looking forward to help you in this regard. Technology or software to assist you in e-discovery practice you can host on your computer or stay somewhere else, such as a server or cloud vendor. Each option has their own security issues to protect client data. Of course, the decision of which method that can be done utilizing only after exploring the options with the vendor. Many vendors offer multiple versions of the same technology for those who want to self-host or who want to have remote access to technology data.

While there to assist you in the classification of data gathered or obtained from the client and a third party, you should also be aware that the technology are there to assist your clients in the maintenance, care, and produce ESI. To complement this software, it’s never too early to start discussing the litigation hold policy for your client and even develop internal training strategy for employees and contractors to prevent accidentally losing important ESI.

Whatever route to take and if any technology late to choose to assist you in handle and produce ESI, you are faced with the decision of how much control to give the computer / software “brain”. Currently, it is a hot button topic in federal court and has been discussed in several recent federal opinion. Software that helps us in finding the voluminous data allows the software to make decisions relating referred to as “computer-assisted study”, “computer-assisted coding” and “: Predictive coding”. This is in contrast to the technology using various search methods, such as key words, where the software and not the identity of the keywords specified in the document and leave the final decision to competently respond to practitioners. Obviously, the first method is arguably more sophisticated program, but the process itself should be reliable to be maintained in court later when problems arise, which brings us to the problem defensibility.

DEFENSIBILITYAlthough, this time, we may in the Florida State Courts somewhat uncharted waters, can be inferred from parallel developments in the federal lawsuit in which ESI processing procedures can be questionable in some cases. While the argument could be that the extermination procedure is protected work product, may also be appropriate for the Court to investigate the methods used in certain cases to determine, for example, whether the imposition of appropriate sanctions or balancing on which party should bear the cost of production of a party or a third option party.

In software to help you with e-discovery or a third party vendor to do the work, you will want to ask the method used in the software and track record in order to avoid a potentially costly situation in other cases in which you are called to defend the method used in production. That does not mean that the analysis with the help of computers or technology somehow improper or untested prediction coding, but just need to be aware of technology that you are using is not different from the expert techniques such employ.

SO understand How IT ALL affect you? This brings us to the all important question is why you should care about any of them. E-discovery has become an important part in the civil and detection of the true potential for various sanctions.

In recent months there have been some highly visible cases in which sanctions were imposed by the Court of e-discovery violations. Can control the contrary evidence of exclusion and post-trial jury instructions finds that the effects of monetary appeal.

Sanctions party and can also be run against the party or even, in some cases, directly to a lawyer to assist in the client’s electronic data secrete. Similarly, the production of any privileged material on e-discovery can be considered legal malpractice. So, the lesson is to bring all the new obligations for lawyers now advise their clients ESI and manage data, therefore, lawyers must understand the legal field, as well. This “brave new world” of e-discovery is here to stay and should be embraced and integrated skills throughout Florida civil lawyer. This is conceptually no different from traditional detection. This ignores, however, can be dangerous and costly, while mastering nuances can make you more efficient, cost effective, and provide better service to your clients.