How To Tie Your Video Content Marketing In With Your Company’s Revenue

It is a simple enough formula – connect all of the dots, prove its worth, and get additional video content for your business.

We currently live in a digital world, with information all around us. Content is being created more quickly and in larger quantities than it ever has been in the past. Everyone is competing for your attention, but what is the best way to capture it? The answer is video, and one of the few forms of content that can help you sort through all of the various digital clutter you are inundated with. Video is appealing to human emotion, and more now than at any time in the past. It is the way you make a person feel that results in a buyer making the decision to purchase something.

Markets are increasingly using this technique of leading with video in their content marketing strategies. Why is that? Because video really works. In fact, video is the most highly effective type of digital content that has ever been a part of the marketing world. However, like everything else, to be effective video needs to be executed correctly. You cannot expect to simply see results by spending lots of money on a single catchy video. You need to make sure there is an actual strategy backing up your video content that will ultimately result in a higher ROI. There needs to be a return for the overall revenue of your company.

In our current data-driven world, the business impact that your video makes needs to be measure. Results then need to be analyzed to determine what is working and then do more of his. It is critical to measure the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives to prove the value of video for your revenue. The following are some tips to tie your video content marketing in with your revenue:

1. Lead Your Marketing Strategy Using Vide

If you do not have any plans to dedicate a large percentage of your marketing budget on video, then you have fallen behind the competition already. In the past, video would have been added to a content marketing strategy that had already been developed. However, as the demand for content has continued to increase, and proof of the results and efficiency of video, it is now time to lead with video, and then fill with other types of visual and written content for your overall marketing strategy. Video is the most effective method for communicating information. Pop Video is your solution if you are not comfortable with developing your company’s video content marketing strategy.

2. Go Beyond Measuring Video Views

Before you start to create video content as part of your overall content marketing efforts, you need to know which data points need to be considered. Another benefit that video offers relate to the collection of data – reach and click are not the only points that should be measured – it is also important to know how long people are engaging with your content.

When measuring your video performance, it is important to go beyond just looking at views. Basically, view counts are a vanity metric – they are not tied to ROI or leads. The number of his received by your video is also not important -it is engagement! It is essential to know who your viewers are, what other types of content they view, the amount of content that they view, where they view it, and what they are looking for. The data that you can collect from your video, in addition to other audience analytic data you obtain, can provide you with a clear picture of precisely who your audience is.

3. Increase Personalization By Using Data

Once you have the information about who you are attempting to reach, which ideally will be your buyer personas, it can help you provide the right information to the right people at the right time that can help guide them through your sales funnel as well as their buyer’s journey. For instance, based on the specific video that they watch, curated playlists can be created to provide content for your viewers to watch next. After they have engaged with some of your video content, you also can encourage them to fill out a contact form or sign up for your email list.

4. Use Video Across Your Entire Company

When planning your video content, try thinking outside of the box. You don’t need to limit using it only with external communication. The best way to communicate information is video so don’t stop with your first video idea. When it comes to video, internal communications are a lot more effective. Consider using videos for company updates, CEO messaging, training, and content to add to your intranet.

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