Why Hong Kong Local Small Businesses Should Embrace Search Engine Optimization When Growing Sales Revenue?

Reason 1: You can build brand awareness. When your company website appears high up in the search engine results pages organically on Google or Yahoo, it virtually gives your business relatively high visibility to many Hong Kong audience in the local market to get to know your brand.

Reason 2: When you are able to get your company site up there on the first page of Google/Yahoo’s search results pages, you are potential up for getting sales revenue for your local HK business.

Reason 3: Depending on the nature of your exact business, if you tend towards the B2B nature, consumers would probably not buy from you the first time they see your website or your brand. But when you actively go ahead to set up a full lead generation funnel that combines with SEO traffic, you would have turned around the table to eventually build up sales revenue from the potential customers in the Hong Kong market.

Reason 4: There are professional and experienced SEO consultants and agencies who are capable of building a full search engine optimization plan for your local business. As a small business owner, all you have to do is to find and hire the right SEO company in Hong Kong.

Reason 5: Not acting quickly is a problem. You may not need SEO at all. But once your major competitor is on it and has been leveraging it, they would have captured many more new customers who would have come to you if you had properly done your SEO. This means you will have no choice but to build up your SEO effort over time to save your Hong Kong based business.

Reason 6: Google has been emphasizing the importance of great user experience which will definitely help SEO. When you implement SEO, you are essentially forced to improve your HK site’s user experience. When your site’s user experience has improved, Google will consider your site as a whole being more SEO friendly. User experience is the driver to enhance SEO, and at the same time SEO does the same improvement for user experience. Everyone is happy.

Reason 7: When you are able to implement local SEO for your Hong Kong small business site, you are essentially enhancing engagement, web traffic and sales conversions all at the same time.

Reason 8: Search engine optimization (SEO) has long been believed a relatively inexpensive strategy or channel when acquiring new leads (for B2B businesses) and/or new customers (ecommerce businesses) through the internet.

Reason 9: SEO can be quantified in numbers, especially the performance. Basically, you can calculate the return on investment (ROI) of any of your SEO campaign for any website, including your own small business site that targets the local Hong Kong market.