Keep Your Favorite Scenes from Long videos with Movavi Video Cutter

Want a powerful video cutter that will help to get rid of the irritating commercials from your favorite YouTube video? You can try out the Movavi Video Editor for trimming videos of any format and get the unwanted parts removed. Well, if you are thinking how the video editor can cut videos, then be ready to get amazed by Movavi’s extensive functionalities. The software can trim or merge videos and make it ready for burning to disc or simply make it a manageable segment.

Where will you find this software? It is available online and gets downloaded very fast. The installation process is pretty hassle- free, courtesy the onscreen instructions and guidelines. The interface is user-friendly and online tutorials throw a great deal of light on its working. Here is a look into some important things to keep in mind while splitting the video.

There are two modes in the working area of the video editing software. For cutting videos, the Timeline mode has to be used. So, first add the video that has to be split with the ‘Add Media Files’ option. Then the clip has to be moved to the Timeline. Next, if you want to add some special effects to the video, it can be done with the tools available in the program. Now, you can drag and drop the video from the Media section and start work on the Timeline area. There will be a red marker which has to be placed at the start of the place from where you want to slice up the media file. This will cut the video in two segments.

The red marker has to be again kept at the position from where you want the split to end. This will separate a particular chosen section from a video file. As soon as you right-click on the separated segment and press delete, it automatically removes the chosen segment. You can merge the other two parts of the video again.

There is also a Split Movie tool in the software that trims video. You need to select the Multi Split option and place the red marker in the same way as above. The start part is marked by clicking on Left Bracket and end is marked by clicking on Right Bracket. The process can be repeated to split the video in as many sections as possible. Here, the ‘OK’ button is clicked instead of ‘Delete’. The process can be used to insert segments and merge them. The ‘Invert Scenes’ option has to be clicked then. Finally, save it and your trimmed video is ready for playing.