Driving Traffic To Your Website

In order for web properties to be of value to companies, businesses, and individuals they need to have traffic. It’s no secret that this isn’t the easiest thing to achieve, as the search engine algorithms have grown ever more complex and are frequently changed.

On the social media side of the coin, building a following can take a long time. This either requires creating posts that go viral or semi viral, or consistent and constant posting of content and information.

Social Media Tips and Tricks

Andy, of Manchester Web Design Firm Kudos, states that “the most important choice to make when getting a social media strategy off of the ground is to ensure you choose the right web and content design partner to work with. Ultimately success is about producing a constant diverse bank of quality content which is useful to readers.”

A second consideration is a content strategy. This is not just a wake up and see where things go mentality. Plan out what you want to get out over the next 12 months and plan the strategy. What is the message of your business at different points through the year? How are you going to educate and attract new customers? Schedule relevant posts every week for the entire week; in short pick a day and make it your social media planning and implementation day.

Contests and Prizes

Using contests and prizes to increase the reach of social media is a great way to ensure usable content is shared. In short, it is an incentive that only has to be paid out once or twice, which encourages many individual users to share your businesses story.

This can be done as simply as entering users into a draw when they join your mailing list. General rule of thumb is the contest has to be easy to play and easy to share. For example, an entry into the contest for liking the post is much more useful for driving traffic than a competition where users have to write long-winded essays. And besides, this is not time efficient as someone has to read these essays after they have been produced.

Content Marketing

It has always been about the content. The more useful and relevant the content, the more likely potential customers are to visit a website, or even buy products. Overall there will be a 2015 trend towards using data and analytics to personalise this information to the individual user. This means a web design firm who can set up the relevant features necessary to drive this content delivery will be required.

Localisation is also a key component of content marketing. This is making sure products and services target individual consumers based on their geographical location. Each region of the country has its own tastes and consumer favourites, which means it is increasingly important to understand the individual dynamic of the consumers in the far-flung corners of the world. It will better allow your business to make more sales by delivering them relevant content.