Mixing up the Digital Marketing World for Optimal Visibility

If your company is still concerned about a missing fax number on a business card or an ongoing billboard campaign, it may be time for the marketing team to look into more modern advertising techniques. Today’s marketing world is online, and email, social media and mobile technology are used to reach customers. Improving your business with digital marketing may take some time, but it’s worth the trouble in the end.

Concentrate on Connections

Most clients don’t want to pick up the phone to get information about your company. You can make information easily accessible through social media. Using Facebook or Twitter, for instance, allows you to efficiently connect with clients around the world. Ask them to “like” or “follow” your business so that your information regularly pops up in their newsfeeds. Interact with clients on these platforms to address any issues or questions. Being a familiar name in their world only breeds more sales.

Limited-time Specials

In today’s anonymous online world, making people feel special is a smart way to drum up business. Send out personalized coupons or discounts through email. Make each coupon slightly different and personalize it with the recipient’s name. When customers feel they’ve received a unique deal, they’re more likely to use it. Making it a “limited time deal” also raises the stakes for the consumer. No one wants to lose out on a special deal, and this type of marketing encourages consumers not to put off their purchase.

Showroom Floor Digital Marketing

Bring digital marketing to the showroom floor with clear signs advertising your username, handle or hashtag. Even offer free WiFi to shopping customers. They’ll be more inclined to snap pictures in your establishment, mentioning your business name in social media posts. This free advertising entices more customers to visit your business for that unique display or great discount. Any extra charges you incur for providing free WiFi are worth the advertising.

Mobile Apps Work

The company website may look spectacular on a desktop computer or laptop, but it might not be user-friendly for those accessing it from their mobile devices. Consider adding a mobile component to your website service. When smartphone and tablet users access your site, the mobile portion pops up. It loads faster compared to the full site because you only offer core information. Store hours, locations and an inventory description may be all you need to attract customers to your business.

Strategic Online Surveys

To get a better idea of what your consumers want, send out an online survey. People enjoy taking surveys, but they must be created with your needs in mind. Don’t make the survey too long, or consumers won’t complete it. Extremely short surveys don’t give you enough useful information to improve your business. A moderately sized survey shows you care about consumers’ opinions while respecting their limited time. You can learn a lot about product failures and customer service improvements through anonymous surveys.

Even if you have a top sales team and sales entrepreneurs like Brent Franson, you still need a strong digital marketing concept to keep revenue flowing. Analyze and observe your website analytics for volume and pinpoint customer flow. When you understand your clients, you’ll know how to market toward them.