4 Useful Powerpoint Tips

If you need help with a PowerPoint presentation, you’ve come to the right place. Here are just four tips for creating dynamic, high-impact slides that are sure to impress students and shareholders alike.

1. Use Charts and Graphs

Supplement your information with infographics that illustrate your point. Do not include large blocks of text that will leave your audience squinting at the screen; let your images speak for you.

2. Tell A Story

Give your presentation a beginning, middle and end. Start by introducing a problem or question that you want to answer; dive into the topic with details and data; wrap it all up by coming to a conclusion or delivering a final call to action.

3. Use Color Carefully

Colors can add flair and personality to a PowerPoint presentation, but make sure that you don’t go overboard. For example, beware of slides that are contrasted too much. No one will be able to look at the screen for long if your yellow text is on a black background.

4. Keep It Simple

The ideal PowerPoint presentation is somewhere between 10-20 slides. Once you hit 20, you’ll start losing your audience to eyestrain and inattention. Try to be as concise as possible when sharing your information. Remember, PowerPoint is supposed to be a supplementary tool, not a dominating one.

Whether you’re lecturing to high school students or presenting to Fortune 500 investors, these four tips should help you master PowerPoint to the fullest. Good luck!