Tip – Update WordPress Database Connection String

Tip - Update WordPress Database Connection StringWordPress is a blog engine or one of the tools to build a blog and open source applications (open source) is the most famous as the engine of a blog (blog engine) used. WordPress is built using PHP and a database (the database) to MySQL.

PHP and MySQL, both open source software (FOSS). In addition to the blog, WordPress also began to be used as a CMS (Content Management System), for its ability to be modified and adapted to the needs of its users.

Here are 8 of the most championed talent WordPress:

Based on Open Source

Open Source based, so that you can get for free and can be built by anyone.

Two. Adjust

WordPress has an advantage in terms of a Content Management System (CMS). Allows users to add and modify the content of sites or blogs, as required.

Three. Plugin

Support plugin is very different, from the Akismet spam blocker, and intense debate comment regulators such as those responsible for pooling Pope pool, security, create forums and e-commerce plugin.

April. Subject

Is really an issue and thus giving the display according to the user’s requirements,.

May. Search Engine

It has a structure and a system that is easily recognized by search engines like Google and Yahoo NII.

6. Support, maintenance and backup

With the support of a great company to easily perform advanced maintenance and backup users.

7. Research and Development

WordPress is subject to continuous development in order to achieve perfection made with the developers.

8. Community Support

WordCamp is a gathering of activists WordPress ground coffee from around the world, even more powerful development of WordPress.