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Quick Media BlogThere is a simple trend that hit many countries. More church groups, families, communities and young people to participate in a media fast. Fasting The first is from the Bible when Jesus would be fast food to seek God’s direction. Daniel in the Bible go fast, which consists of eating only fruits and vegetables. The idea behind quickly to deny the body and mind of the common things that people use and the things you can have in one way or another.

Fasting media has become popular in recent years, and not only in religious circles. As more and more technology is introduced to the world, located more parents, teachers and counselors to children, adolescents and adults with non-stop “installed” This means that some forms of electronic communication or entertainment device is always available and used by people every time.

Parents will find that children and teenagers are always connected to their iPods, video games, internet, social networking, SMS and web cam. This can lead to a lack of social skills, speech, and development in general. Parents also find that they are often connected to electronic devices, television, radio and the constant flow.

Those involved in the media take a quick break from all forms of electronic media and entertainment is not important to work or school. While this may seem radical, it has helped many people to reconnect with the spouse, children, parents, family and friends. In addition to re-connecting and creating relationships and priority of socialization, media can also help the fasting person to break his cycle of addiction habit that seems to allow electronic devices.

Dependence is often not recognized until someone makes a real effort to try to separate themselves from something. When you try to make it wide and the people who have problems, it’s when the addiction started doing actual recognition. Fasting means illuminate many addictions. Can bring hope not stop listening to the radio or iPod, addicted to social networking, email addiction, video game addiction, and addiction to trust electronic entertainment.

If you already have and are willing to share their experiences, tips and advice about fasting the media for someone else to experience fasting and media, you can begin to build a blog about the media fasting. Because it is still relatively new trend of media fasting to provide current, useful and unique information about how to handle one, what the risks are to be considered, and when and why you should to consider participating in an average fast communication.

If you decide to create a blog to help people understand how the media work quickly, you can help make an informed article in your blog can provide people with suggestions and ideas about how they do not include the electronic media as this Chase Fast Company.