HCL Me Tablet Champion Kids – Learning from an innovative and fun way Maestro

HCL Me Tablet Champion Kids - Learning from an innovative and fun way MaestroIn the last quarter of 2013, the major foreign electronic HCL once again appear in a major revision of the gadgets in India for drugs intended to have family members thises – ME champion. Kidses dedicated to the decade between 3 and 12 years, this gadget has been widely regarded not only children but also their parents, to consider the drug becomes important product. Drugs that poor child undoubtedly raised table competition in this segment especially under the Indian market.

The main feature that creates a drug has been shown in a recent study reported thises performance dual mode technology. This means that the drug can serve as a common system for dealing with your mom or dad mode, while at the same time, the parents determine both happy around children accessible to members of the family mode. According to the rumor the same apparatus adults take greater control of the children’s application not only connectivity, but it is also a time in which both members of the family can connect different devices.

As with other drugs in youth HCL ME champion is also supported by the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, ARM Cortex A9 and Mali-400 GPU processor. Other popular gadgets include 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage and a memory slot expandable to 32 GB with respect. The device has two cameras and also installing Wi-Fi and 3G enabled. Consideration for sexy tablet sending children must feel, is both tablet to HD video playback at 1080p and is capable of recording and film. Another core values ​​offered by different technologies both rumor 3100mAh battery provides backup devices seem to follow from day one.

The two impressive technology that drives most of the drug for children, the system offers are being considered for review under the Indian instrument loaded with entertaining and educational for children. Both devices have the movies, comics, games, music along with maintaining and providing free access to over 500 apps in various forms for children. And the fact that this system is actually pre-loaded with a variety of issues, including aerobics crafts, geography, history, language and mathematics, and has been shown in a gossip gadget.