Everything you ever needed to know about WordPress Website Development

Everything you ever needed to know about WordPress Website DevelopmentAre you a developer yourself or another person just starting out, WordPress’s a good framework to start because of the obvious functions, features, style and easy to use transparent encryption. For starters, here’s a guide that will take you through the basics of developing a WordPress website.

What is WordPress?

This framework was developed with the help of the programming languages ​​used on the web, PHP. In addition, CSS, HTML and JavaScript is also used for various aspects of classical WordPress web development project. As a newcomer to the game development, HTML is the easiest to learn.

A little more about HTML

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is generally responsible for providing some structure on their websites. Although this is not the work of a programming language to tell the header, for example, you should have a green background. But it was his duty to determine the level of the post.

Moving to CSS

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is used only to style your page. If you use HTML to create headings and paragraphs, is the responsibility of the CSS to determine how the items displayed on the website. Heavy elements such as fonts, colors, font size, font, padding and margin manage all the CSS jobs.

When using PHP

PHP PHP Hypertext Processor or just a scripting language normal server side that enables WordPress website development with a number of interesting tricks. In most cases, is mainly used for the HTML output.

For example, if you want to display all dates in HTML, you are prompted to enter the correct date suggests that unless you decide to manually update everyday. Even then, it is not possible to explain the difference in time zones.

This is where PHP to play. Instead of saying that the date is 10/09/2013 can write code that says “[date]”. The code is clearly more complex than that, but the main idea behind this example is to explain how to “decide” who played in PHP.

In addition, the HTML files are usually obtained from the server and displayed as such. Otherwise, the PHP files can not be retrieved from the server. Every time a PHP page is opened, the code will be processed and only be able to see the results.

Using JavaScript to WordPress Website Development

Compared to other programming languages, JavaScript is a versatile and multi-used language. For WordPress, which is used most often to improve the performance of the website. For example, when a message via the online form contact page is sent, usually above your page and give you a success message. With the help of JavaScript, you can make your way to slip away, for example, and have a float message on the page that you want to completely fill. In simple words, JavaScript is an additional layer for HTML and CSS, which are used to add functionality.

There are several forums, tutorials and community to help you master the intricacies of WordPress Website Development. With this tool for managing the content and development of your web site can be very useful.