Check your online identity, very

Check your online identity, veryWho needs a license?

It is a relationship of trust and support are submitted to the certification authority for digital certificates in order to ask them to get their virtual presence registered and authorized third parties are not biased. Trusted authority web browser worldwide commercial Commercial certification, many years Firefox and Chrome. This indicates that the browser supports and encourages certification has power when dealing with the public and trade.

Bulk mail is secure certificate authority

The client believed the authority validation strategy also mass mailings. Here, however, the certificate verification domain verification has not been implemented, but somehow enter into this contract in the same way as a digital certificate and serve. The reason for asking for verification domain to restrict access only to mail the administrator or operator of the website and the privacy policy of the website you are insured. By implementing domain validation only administrators can read email and web access to the official mailbox.

Verify the domain boundary

However, the possibility of espionage and attacks still occur only for certain restrictions to verify the structural design domain. Virus attack that penetrates only TCP, DNS, BGP lack of cryptographic security protocol TLS / SSL. And sometimes detrimental to the router as well. Effect of different attacks that really depends on the area of ​​the attack may be near the CA or domain near the victim network, one tin.

How to deal with the authorities to verify the key pair?

Certification Services has a pair of public key and have a strong objection to allowing access to only the corresponding private key pairs. This way you just use some of the original private key to decrypt the encrypted information and other public key pair file. The possibility of fraud is minimized but not completely repaired as the brain of active conflict all the time. However, the strength test and validation apply different criteria before granting access to the owner’s private key pairs left no stone unturned in information security. Certification authority has the power to say yes or no to people depending on the test results and other credentials verification.

We assume the energy problem when entity authentication and key pairs match and still have some doubts. In such a situation the government aid agency database validation and custom database heuristics as several other federal agencies or databases using verification techniques to verify the owner of the private key Kerberos system.