RSorder Runescpae 2007 Sell Gold and eager to update Old School Runescape

With the new year comes, what do you expect old school runescape? In recent weeks, depending on their vote in

November Jagex is working on a plan so that you can participate in the next 6 months in 2014. Now, I’ve got 2007

gold to saleand runescpae say.


Whether it be a brand new fighting monsters killing PVM great advantage.

There is a possibility that you may have the opportunity to receive new equipment dropped from monsters, which can

help with a variety of skill levels in PVM.

There will be many changes in the pattern of the Kraken, pet combat, minigames Soul Snatcher and necromancy, etc.

you can expect.


First, some of you are really desperate in the wilderness, to fulfill your request, there will be a reworking of

the desert to encourage more activity. Then, all future updates are designed to make a profit PvP on PvP combat

will encourage group. Finally, you may want to add some news for you in a PvP fight.


For Skilling, Jagex is looking for ways to make it more profitable than you could get more XP and the ability to

practice with your friends at once. During competition designed player content, do not know about the animals

maintain their own Jagex really interested they thought it was a very exciting prospect. So there is a possibility

that you may see in 2014.


I think all bothered by poor trading in the old school Runescape. Maybe it’s time to solve this problem. However,

the Grand Exchange, which runs through your mind, which of course do not feed through the original. No trading

stamp so that they can do something different. You can expect everything to him.

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Jagex also prepared a variety of festive events for you to participate in the next six months. Enjoy it!

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