10 Candy Crush Cheat Code – How to get unlimited lives to take part in the No. 1 game

According to ‘crush candy cheat code’, ‘Candy Crush Saga, “match-three puzzle games downloaded over 500 million times from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This is the same additional applications to be top free download 2013. This game is certainly one of each of the addictive puzzle game that takes now.

If you are addicted obsessed with “Candy Crush Saga” and trouble to work out in a short period of time, then here are 10 Candy Crush cheat code to follow. Furthermore Browse to find a way to get infinite lives in this game.

10 Candy Crush Cheats for Ace “Candy Crush Saga”:

At first the game “Candy Crush Saga” may seem simple and unconvincing, but it was more than 350 full crosses with a difficult challenge level.

Create combos to earn power and often use them sweets.

A unique sweet that may not be as effective as the maximum amount of the effects of candy. Therefore, wait until a dance band candy for candy manage their influence is made. Also, do not use the influence of sweets too. Medusa Attorney, rainbow sprinkles, candy stripes and candy wrappers single clear the board.

Two. Alter and destroy the candy with a very low price.

Exchange and transfer of candy from the lowest to the highest councils of the Board and, to the extent necessary to facilitate rapid transit. Once you destroy the lowest sweet, has an effect on the movement of oversized candies in multiple tables, high quality drip from the bottom. This could not happen if you specialize in candy at its highest.

Three. Candies wrapped and swap lines.

One of the most effective combination is to change the board and wrapped candy striped like a candy giant explosion delete several large, clean slate.

April. 2 changes color bombs together.

Changing the combination of the two pumps will result in an explosion of color with a simple, once again you scraped almost 0.5 boards.

May. Focus on vertical movement.

Concentrate on moving vertically, especially at the level of whacky and fruit will make crossing quickly. Facilitate the vertical dropping in faster and effective material movement.

6. Save Lollipops, use it wisely.

One of the tips and tricks that are more important are needed to save a lot of their free lollipops and take advantage of them with wisdom. Though “Candy Crush Saga” free games, pallets are not. The most useful in difficult challenges hammer unit area lollipop thrown at you from level 30. They really help to advance in the game. But, do not waste the money to get this amp, and I do not guarantee the performance of a series. Wait until the next day so that they can be revived soon.

7. Play on your PC to save many lives.

Maybe an hour of your life will be back to finish ONE and you are required to consider their friends just accept your request. This trick guarantees a replacement set for your life to continue to participate in. Once you run out of life in your mobile phone, started playing “Candy Crush Saga” version of Facebook. They can offer a variety of replacement life.

8. Strategies for themselves and have no moving beam candy.

If you look closely on the board, a candy that Flash is not the most effective measures that can provide the most cost effective. So look closely at the simple steps to focus on the minimum or the side.

9. Remove the jelly on the side and also the chocolate as soon as possible.

When you stop at any level must be clear gelatin, directed edges. Concentrate on the corners and the bottom of the table, while participating in “Candy Crush Saga” Jelly challenge. Another tip is necessary and urgent brown trick is to avoid the counter do. Your game will hang and enjoy the pump. Therefore, try to clean the chocolate immediately.


How to get infinite lives and move to continue participating in the “cheat codes Candy Crush Story”.

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