Science Fiction and the 21th Century

Computers, smart phones, robots, laser guns and the web all seem common place these days, but not so long ago in the 20th century, it was a toy, expensive communication devices, science fiction , Star Wars and just a bunch of things through a bulletin board modem. Many of the items in some way or fashion is influenced by professionals inspired by SciFi. This article will run only in the past for me but for my children, it’s fantastic that we can live fully in century.

Its 20th 1970 or so and I was lying in my living room, watching a black and white television screen, playing what appears to be a plate turning the handle on it. This case dashing through the plate zapping their enemies, beamed down to an alien world and meet a bunch of people to raise some badly made or see the raw alien that often makes me afraid to look out the window for fear of seeing the ‘stuff’. But I do not watch Star Trek. Captain Kirk, Sulu, Scotty, Uhura, a pointy-eared alien and Doctor Bones, they all seem pretty strange. But did you know Gene Roddenberry is film in the future we live in today, let’s take the example of the type of computer of.

Well. There is a computer in the 50 and 60’s but they need preventive maintenance of mechanical monstrosities to replace their vacuum tubes, cold water pipe, and if they are part of the military, working three stationary guards, 24 hours a day. Star Trek computer seems everywhere and tied everything. Small current computer, connect to the internet via a network or a wireless network, and way more powerful than the computer you sent Apollo astronauts to the moon. Captain Kirk carried around a square card storage much like a thumb drive and SIM card now. You can save a ton of information and move from one place to obtain information on Walmart says to print your Christmas cards.

I Smart Phone should say that we are much better than Star Trek communicator. While small and wireless communicators, a communicator of our current, a small, wireless, and can run multiple software. Can take photos and send instant messages to one or a group of other children from their mother told them it was dinner. You can also drop into the water now and still running as if nothing happened. With special attachments, we can pay for groceries, turned and sample temperature, and even receive broadcast radio and television. Wow, this impressive.

As alien they meet, I think we met more alien to Earth in the inner room of Captain Kirk ever did in three years of the original series. Although we do not link the alien, we have wonderful scientists engine by driving the depths of the ocean and find life where we thought life could not live. Life is not synthesize sunlight like 90% of the plants on the surface of our planet or not live in temperatures that are cook my eggs hard boil.

The laser from Star Trek kind of just do something : destroy things. In our world the laser, he can do more but blow up the other ship, anyway. I do not remember the word laser means but I find the length of the room or use a range finder, find out how much effort I might have to bring a little white ball 100 yards. Of course I did not see the laser light show at Disney which is cool but I just find that most theaters use a laser to reproduce sound speakers director intended us to listen to their cinematic master pieces. If this 21st century, just imagine what our system previously developed in 22 century. Maybe eventually laser to destroy the entire ship and planet.

Communication devices to possibly be a collective intelligence that only the most advanced super computers can manage and provide an answer: which came first, the chicken or the egg? I knew we were on another planet for 20 years, but maybe England or Virgin rocket Spaceway can offer tours for ordinary people like me. With the way that medicine is progressing, we can live 100 years but maybe not 200 years with replacement vital parts of the body through your organ clone. Replacing your heart, liver, or even your brain to help prolong your life can be a very real possibility. Hopefully we can imagine our world in 22 century by the imagination of our people today.