Social Power: Top 5 Pinterest Tips Marketing Tips

Looking for new marketing opportunities? Consider Pinterest. The website social media growing fast, and addictive. The image is focused, so it is suitable for advertising.

The site easy to use, so it will not take long to get up to speed on how it works, and how you can best use your business.

If, you haven ‘t do it, adds Pinterest and widgets into your own website, so your customers can “pin” your image. Then get familiar with the site, and use it as part of your marketing strategy.

These five tips will help you to get the most out of Pinterest.1. Please prolific: Create a board for your products, and your customers Interests Check know what other companies are doing. Petplan Pet Insurance for example has 42 board with funny pictures, and creative names, such as “The bark Around the Park”. Retailer Bergdorf Goodman has 39 boards to reflect the company’s image, and the display must-haves for stylish women. The board, “The History of Little Black Jacket”, focuses on the making of this iconic jacket. You might think that customers whipping out their credit cards when they see the care and craftsmanship that goes into making jacket.

As as you click through the boards of other companies, make a note of clever ideas you can use.

2. Get Social with others SiteFollow, etc. pin pin. Other people will see your activity on the river and notice them, and they will find you and your board will follow you.3. Get chatty: Comments Popular pins (pins because you see it More Often) category of “famous” Pinterest pin pin-up of the most frequent, and often commented. When you comment on a pin in this category, more and more users will see your comments. Such as blog comments, must be sincere and specific in your comments. Say what you like about the pin and why, not just “I like it.” Beware Do not over-comment, do not comment, spam.4. I promote your Pinterest Board to your customers and your other Social Media AccountsLet your customers know that you are active on Pinterest, and encourage them to look at your boards, and interact with you. Contests are popular, so consider running one.

You can also find friends in other social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. To do this, click the name of your business on the home page. Select Find Friends from the drop-down list.5. Create your Planas Pinterest Marketing creating more board and add their pin to the board, the board began to promote the individual, not the entire account.

Create you plan, focus on one or two boards that week. There you have it: five tips to help you to market your business Your little Pinterest.