CCTV Resolution 101

Resolution CCTV 101Like many things involving technology, CCTV world is a little confusing if you do not educate yourself with things the way it works. This could be a big problem when you are ready to have a surveillance system installed because you do not know what to buy, what is best for you or someone you trust. This only causes headaches, fatigue and worth a lot of money in the end. One of the most singular, if not the most important aspect of the CCTV you need to know about is the resolution. Resolution can be summed up as the quality of the camera and the DVR or video recording will be clear how. You need to know this before you have the system installed in your business (or home). CCTV resolution is measured in horizontal and vertical pixels and is only limited by the quality of the use of cameras and DVR. Here is a list of the best CCTV resolution and meaning. Important note: IP cameras and NVRs (Network Video Recorder) is included for reasons of price and report technical issues involved in installing, setting up and maintaining Resolution systems.CCTV

D1-704 x 480 (the highest resolution of standard CCTV)

960H, 960 x 480 (entry level hi-def)

HD-SDI-1920 x 1080 (1080p true hi-def)

ResolutionD1 D1 resolution (720 x 480) is the highest resolution of standard CCTV records. Hi-end DVR has a resolution of only the best and D1 Recorder can record at 30 fps (frames per second). Many DVR advertising to support “real time D1 recording” or “Full D1” (30 fps), but if you read the small print DVR, they recorded much reduced, it can be used more (7 fps) or obsolete VHS quality CIF resolution ( 360 x 240). D1 resolution camera maxes out at about 600 lines.Benefits D1 TV

960H and cheaper than HD-SDI system

Highest standards of quality CCTV resolution

Very nice recording and playback, DVD-quality video

Such as high-quality CCTV systems, D1 will protect you and your business

Resolution960H 960H is the name given to a series of CCD image sensor developed by Sony in 2009. CCD image sensor capable of taking video images at a resolution of 960 x 480. The 960H CCD sensor used in Sony’s new DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which is known as Effio, which further enhances the quality of video images. Traditionally, the maximum resolution of analog CCTV cameras 600 TV lines. By using a Sony CCD Effio 960H and features of the DSP, 700 TVL resolution can be achieved with 960H DVR (DVR-heart with the name of the model 960 because it often refers to the total frame DVR can support, not a resolution). Think of it like this:! Now, enter the zone hi-def advantage 960H

Cheaper than the HD-SDI system

Size / pixel image resolution D1% 34

No re-wiring work required for the existing coaxial cable

Inexpensive upgrade path from D1 system

Compatible with cameras and DVR D1

Gateway for affordable entry-level hi-def

ResolutionHD HD-SDI, SDI is the name given to CCTV hi-def (1920 x 1080) system. HD-SDI CCTV cameras capable of true 1080p HD resolution. SDI technology behind HD-SDI CCTV cameras both video cameras are used to hi-def movies. Until a few years ago, the only option available for hi-def surveillance system using IP network cameras are usually more expensive and can be difficult to setup. With the advent of HD-SDI technology for CCTV camera, users can capture true 1080p resolution video surveillance. Also, if the user has installed the CCTV system is old, whether RG59 coaxial cable is in place that can be used to upgrade to HD, HD-SDI SDI.Benefits

Good, sharp picture quality

More complex than IP-based systems

600% more resolution than D1, 100% more than 960H

Easy and affordable upgrade from standard HD-SDI CCTV

DVR-zoom feature does not degrade the image as D1

Recording / tracking true 1080p

As D1 and 960H CCTV, HD-SDI can be found on the Internet / Smartphone