How WAN Optimization Network Performance lift

WAN (Wide Area Network) optimization increases network performance in a way that is very cost effective. This accelerates the transfer of bulk data to improve disaster recovery capabilities. WAN computer systems and devices, which will allow users to share files, email and other applications.The software technology that improves the speed at which the system of communication and cooperation. This helps in eliminating redundant transmissions, staging data in local caches and compressing and prioritizing data and streaming chatty protocols using several techniques. Several major WAN optimization strategies are:

• CompressionThis approach is one of the most important and useful for WAN optimization. Files are sent over the WAN will be compressed to reduce bandwidth usage and cost of bandwidth used.

• DeduplicationDeduplication is the main way to optimize WAN. This limits both the transmission of data or duplicate data. This is accomplished by sending a reference file to the client, who previously sent instead of sending the actual file. Send reference faster and uses very low bandwidth. ShapingThis

• Traffic is a way to optimize the WAN transmits the data based on priority. He sends most important data first, holds important data at least to be sent later. It also eliminates the flow of unwanted traffic throughout the network.

• CachingMore often requested resource or application is cached (stored) and make it ready for shipment as soon as the same request made by the client again.WAN network optimization and help classify data flow freely, thus speeding up the operations of the organization. By utilizing the above optimization techniques, it offers many advantages to an organization that is as follows: Benefits of WAN optimization in an organization

• Convenient file access: Because the cache, the data can be retrieved quickly and has the advantage of a large storage capacity.

• Speed ​​between several locations: WAN solutions maximize network speed between remote locations and accelerate file transfers

• Validity: .. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media applications to work more reliably

• More credible and faster data recovery: Optimizing response time increase the network capacity that allows users to immediately gain access to critical applications, increase productivity.

Many company has branches or locations clients in different geographical locations and connected as a wide area network. Thus, we can say that WAN optimization is the best way to improve network performance and accelerate business operations.