Use the Computer Security tips

In addition to mobile phones, one of most electronic devices everywhere you can see is the personal computer. Almost every city or town house (and even many homes in rural areas) have a computer – whether it be a desktop, laptop, netbook, or tablet. In some houses, you can even find more than one PC – even one for each member of family.
There are those who say that there is always a price to pay when using technology, and computers are not exempt from them. True, there are some health risks when using computers for a long time. Increased pain or pain in certain parts of our body to eye strain, there are many ways that our bodies may react negatively to the old and insecure computer use.
Here tips on how you can safely use your computer: Do not stay too long in front of the computer – that is, if you can help it. There is a job that requires some work on the computer for hours, sometimes even non-stop all day. Usually, these people are computer engineers, telephone operators, customer service representatives, or data entry worker. If you are not one of those people and use your computer for entertainment or just a little paperwork, you do not need to use the computer for a long time to stop hours.
Find – If there is too much to do and you just can not find the time to stop, at least pause for a minute or two. You can do so much in such a short time – standing, walking, stretching, close your eyes. The idea is to do something you can not do when using your computer. Do this at least every hour, or every time you begin to feel tension, pain, or major discomfort.
Choose around you – and here we mean lock the keyboard and mouse. These are the two most common reasons for people experiencing body pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome. If the keyboard and mouse cause pain in your hand and / or wrist, replace them. There are tons of alternatives out there for the design of computer peripherals. Find the most suitable for you.
Adjust chair and monitor – If you think your chair cause anxiety, adjust so that your feet are fully supported by the floor and your back to lean. Try to use as much rest as you can while working. As for the monitor, so that the top position around the level of your eyes. Do not get too close to it. This is to prevent eye strain and at least minimize your pain and suffering radiation.
If exposure persist despite following the tips here, immediately go to the doctor for a checkup.