Make an Online Payment Gateway Payment Processing Quickly and Easily

Buy and sell products and services online faster than ever before. Traders can easily accept customer payments from credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts with online payment gateway. Gateway is a secure, automated system that takes the payment from buyers and give the merchant. The service payment processing, power, and then accept or reject transactions based on information received.

An online payment gateway offers many advantages for traders, including allowing them to:

• Quickly and securely accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments

• Reduce overhead costs and increase sales

• Protect customer and business data security compliance with PCI

• Take advantage of the management tools that include detailed reports, batching, void, and returnsMerchants the online payment gateway will have the option to use a virtual terminal, online shopping cart, and even a smartphone application to receive Terminal payments.


A virtual card terminal credit operates like a physical terminal, except that the virtual solution allows merchants to manually update the credit card / debit input on their computers to process the transaction . Unlike traditional credit card machine processing, virtual terminal is more flexible, does not require any hardware, and not make any effort to space. Virtual terminals are easy to use, comply with all PCI compliance standards, and are usually more cost-effective. Since everything is done online, the merchant does not have to spend money on physical credit card machines and other expensive resources.

Just all types of traders can benefit from a virtual terminal. Mail order and telephone order (MOTO) merchants can use a virtual terminal to process credit cards immediately and other forms of payment. Home-based businesses can also use the virtual terminal using the online payment gateway to process customer payments quickly and easily. They also can create detailed reports, which can simplify management and tax account filing.

Online Shopping List

Online shopping cart allows customers to shop the merchant’s website, add items to their cart, and checkout through the website. Offering online shopping cart options to make the website more attractive and more convenient online shopping experience for companies and customers alike. With the right merchant services and processing of online payment gateway, businesses can take advantage of the benefits include:

• Real-time processing – Receiving customer payments faster than waiting for several days

• Detailed reports Easy to observe the trends in customer purchases so that they can provide special offers on popular products and find out how much inventory to keep on hand

• Order tracking – Let customers know the status of their order and when they can watch themiPhone and Smartphone Apps

Some traders want the ability to process payments while on the road, in the event, or other remote locations. Now they can use the online payment gateway on the iPhone. Apps sync with iPhone or other smartphone apps through sponsored merchant. When a customer present payments, merchant payment processing by iPhone.

Merchants they can allow the charges to credit cards, process customer orders, and even email receipts to customers without stepping foot in their office or computer access. The on-the-go virtual terminal can increase sales revenue for travel companies by sales team or a small business that meets customers off-site payment gateway locations.

See what online can do for your business by contacting the merchant payment processing specialist CardFlex. Http :/ / visit or call 866.634.3044 to learn more about how your business can take advantage of an online payment gateway to start saving time and money while increasing productivity with a virtual terminal, online shopping cart, or iPhone.