Reliable Internet Service Provider: A Rare Gem

Even with all the recent advances in technology, reliable service on the Internet is not a certainty for individuals and businesses across the country. In just the last few weeks, in fact, citizens across the country have lost their connection to the Internet to a large number time.

First have Mediacom, which provides Internet services to customers in Illinois and Indiana. In mid-August, the client is left without a connection for three hours after the circuit function. Furthermore, the best customers in Connecticut not only impaired in the Internet, but also cable TV and phone service as commercial electrical related problems. Then finally, CenturyLink customers in the Kansas City area is the recipient poor internet service outage when the fiber to be cut. Cleveland and the surrounding areas of Ohio, fortunately, seems to go unscathed during August.

But customers even large cloud service providers are not immune to downtime. In fact, both Google and Microsoft see the total failure of the service in August. Google was down for 11 minutes, which may not seem like much but it definitely added when we consider the millions of people who depend on the company. More than Microsoft, meanwhile, saw corporate internal error that triggered his service outage. That particular example has resulted in the majority of users experience the “couple of hours of downtime, while some users on mobile devices may have been able to access the service for a few days,” Windows IT Pro reported.

All these events occur during the short span of less than a month. Imagine the number of people affected and many, many hours of online time – and money – are lost as a result of the Internet service provider is unreliable. Sometimes short and deficiencies can not help, but other times they can go for days and be completely avoided – or at least cope-able. Therefore it is very important for consumers to choose their Internet service provider carefully.

Just how important due diligence? According to Information Week, “IT Cost stop billions of Business.” Based on the reports of CA Technologies, North American businesses lose $ 26500000000 revenues each year from IT system downtime with the greatest impact on small and medium sized businesses. The report further stated that “the average company experienced 10 hours of IT downtime – which means more than 1,600,000 times throughout North America.” An Internet service provider must acknowledge that the Internet connectivity and Internet services are the lifeblood of your business , and some companies are fortunate to have the operator right in their backyard. Real test of the reliability of the provider partnerships with leading suppliers to the Internet. That way, if a supplier experienced a blackout happens, another one can quickly and seamlessly take the slack.

Whether DSL, cable, T1, Fiber, DS-3, and MPLS to you and / or businesses greater Cleveland area you wish to not leave crucial choice for service providers the opportunity. Choose one that has a solid reputation for reliable service.