PC announces death – Again

It has just been announced that Microsoft reorganized again and read a story online that it is in response to the fact that sales of the latest version of Windows is left and the majority of people now use their tablet and smartphone on a laptop or PC. So the PC is the dodo bird, huh? Let’s explore what the future looks like there it.

You may or may not be aware that there are many hardware office is gone. This has the effect of cloud computing, where the server is now based on the data center (ie the cloud) and accessed via the Internet. This is what the Fortune 500 do a few years ago because it is more reliable and much less expensive and uber-measured. So what to do with the PC? Well, then your server virtualization to cloud super computer that you can access them from any web enabled device. So it means that you can access them from anywhere, home, office, street, etc. And usually used to replace tower PC is a device to call me ahe caddy. It is about the size of a paperback novel, with one-tenth the electricity of a tower, has no moving parts and takes 8-10 years. You plug the monitor, keyboard and mouse and away you go.

So now see what looks like the office of the future: No server, no PC tower, no moving parts. A greatly reduced demand for electricity, a small fraction of the CO2 emissions in offices, and all other occupied areas of ancient hardware problems are reduced to almost nothing. What is Infertility? We have calculated that the cloud setup like this occupied 95.1% of the network’s history. But it’s getting better. Ninety-five percent of the remaining 5% is a problem that can be easily remotely. That means that 99.75% of network problems and computer out the door, good.

No wonder so many people are skeptical about the cloud, it would eliminate their jobs! But the impact of Disruptive Innovation because no escaping it now or in the future. And think that we will use the devices to access the cloud, it applies to all television and web surfing, what’s next? Holographic 3D movies and shows and concerts are just hanging in the air, or perhaps all around us, all persuaded by cloud-based technologies.

This removing all the hardware in the office right now more moving on the net, playing excellence. It is nothing short of a big change from your hardware vendor risk. Now the vendor has the responsibility of maintaining and replacing server. And often the device itself is used to connect to the cloud. Networking is improved and upgraded last forever. Understand? Network your new forever because vendors are continually updating, upgrading, replacement and repair your sight and out of your mind.

So look to cloud to free you from the burden of old fashioned networking hardware. Once you make your move will make you wonder why everyone does not do it. And one day, they do it.