Facebook FUQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you are a businessman, having or micro biz side, you need to be Facebook. Many owners of small businesses do not realize the importance of using Facebook to get their message to the world. Most people know they need Facebook just know they need it. They do not really know how to use it to increase their customer base and increase their profits. Fortunately, the use of Facebook for business is not technical or difficult as it seems. Here are some fuq (often unasked question) small business owners currently have about Facebook and answers.

1 them. Do I Really Need to Be on Facebook? Yes, you do. Social media is becoming more important than ever to get a business recognized and protected. More and more people use social media sites than regular websites and Facebook is the king of social media. You can reach millions of potential customers there than anywhere else, even your own company’s website. Plus, Facebook has the added benefit of allowing your customer base to share information with their friends and so on down the line. You can make thousands (or more!) New Followers just by people sharing your information on Facebook alone.

2. How Do I Get on Facebook? Simple. You need to create a Facebook fan page attractive and to promote it. Your Facebook fan page is different from the usual, your personal Facebook page. Fan page completely dedicated to your business. It has a picture of your business, your company website URL, your business hours and contact information, and often post updates about what’s going on with your business today. You interact with your customers there. A fan page on Facebook allows you to identify your customers in a way that you can not do anywhere else but at a bricks and mortar store in a very, very towns.

Your fan page gives you and to your followers in a kind of feeling of community with you. They talk to you and ask questions and you answer them back. You can get a real relationship going with customers in this way. This is important, because customers like you are more likely to be loyal to customers who do not know anything about you. Facebook can create customer relationships that are impossible to do in most other settings.

3. Is it Hard to Make a Facebook Fan Page? No, not at all. Facebook gives simple instructions to do this, and you can get your page up and running in a day or less. The time required to build it all depends on how complex you want your pages to look at. You must have a cover photo, profile photo (which should be your company’s logo), and minimal business contact information. You would also have two or three initial post about what’s happening in your company. Let your personality shine through in this post. Customers will love it. Do not make your page look too “busy”, as can be visually intense and a turn-off to the customer. However, do not make it too simple, either. Give consumers something to see and something to read and then build your pages every day from there. The more you post, the more people will find you.

The Final Word on Facebook for BusinessFollow have three simple steps and you have a winning business page on Facebook. Attract Followers start by asking people like family and friends. They share your page with others. Like and comment on other business fan page and they will want you back. It also will make you invisible to their customers, which can also appear your pages. Takes off from there. However, it all starts with having a presence on Facebook for your business visually enticing, frequently updated Facebook page where you can actively interact with customers and visitors to build loyalty and public confidence, which will make your business a success.