First Impressions Count But So Does Impression Second, and Third

Imagine walking along the High Street, you happen to be around the shop had never seen before.
The storefront looks great. Shimmering sign above the door tells you at a glance what the store sells, and windowed screen is a work of art, arouse your curiosity as to what exciting delights that await you in inside. Poster in the window with hope in all kinds of one-time, never-to-be-missed offers and bargains. It is impossible to walk through, you can not help but to open the door and step inside … Once inside you find that the store is misleading sign, not selling what you think. Offers to promote long window expired and no longer available (and now you are suspicious, if they exist). Some of the products displayed in the window is not in stock, and other prices have changed. Sales assistant is not very useful, and having trouble finding information to answer your direct question. It seems to take a long stick looking warehouse to find the product you requested. When they finally came up with products that are not what you want, but it seems too much effort to recover and come back with a product that you ask for.
All in all, it was a very disappointing experience, making it even more since it was first achieved the promise. Now many think that it is not an actual store, but a website to act as a digital storefront. Store owners invested (very thoughtful!) In a successful website design evokes the curiosity of potential customers and persuade them to shop. Unfortunately, in this case the (hypothetical) example where the end customer frustration begins.
First investment and impression is really important. So every customer contact and interaction from that point. If you have the best website in the world that will bring potential customers through your door, but do not stop them turn around and walk out again, and never again! So what can you do? You can use your website to be more of a digital store or digital store window. You can use your website as a “hub” of your business, where orders and inquiries received, and where to put the information out. You can use your website to provide customers and potential customers the impression of entertaining reliability and absolute security. You can use your website to search for information and clear feedback that you can look at to learn and improve. You can use your website as a medium to capture customer information and insight. You can use your website, not just a slave to maintain and update all of it.
We need to ensure that our business we want to create the impression throughout the customer journey from the point of contact, by chronological order fulfillment and customer retention right and rear. Your website can be a powerful tool to help you do this. This can be a great interface and can be accessed between you and your customers, because it is designed in a holistic and integrated into the very fabric of your business.