If only he had Apps, he’ll still Be Alive By Now

Motor vehicle accidents are still a leading cause of death in the United States. All about the economic impact they have charged the driver and passenger 70000000000 USD per year. Think about where the money will be used, not to mention the lives that would have been avoided if they cause an accident ever existed.

Among number of car accidents, one of the most common and probably the easiest to prevent distracted driving. It really is challenging to serve two masters at once, so that every time you drive, stay tuned. Avoid your must-go meals while on the road, and especially, do not be preoccupied with your smartphone while behind the wheel. And if you still do not still understand the bigger picture, texting while driving is stupid and dangerous. But, sad to say, many of us still do it. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Research Institute, they text and drive are 23 times more likely to crash. So, to prevent this from happening, never use a phone while driving, or better yet, have the application to make sure you are safe road.

1. AT & T Drive Mode. This application allows you to set up automatic reply actions on incoming text, email, and call so you do not have to worry about grabbing your handset to respond to anything you receive. Still, you never know if there is a message at all because the application is still all the notification sounds while you are on the road. Moreover, it will disable the option for you to read or write text or e-mail while driving. Better safe than sorry, right? 2. Verizon Secure Go. I think you will agree with me on this: everything that comes your way is important. Some may only serve as distracters. This is why Verizon has app that lets you display one but 3 people to be able to promote your focus on the road. Others are not included in the shortlist will receive an automated response if they try to contact you.

3. Text Safe Driving Machine. We have a tendency to respond shortly after received a message from our friends because we do not want to give the impression that we are ignoring them. And morals that we can put us on the brink of danger. If you appreciate your life a lot without compromising your relationship with friends, and then the app you covered. The application automatically detects and responds to your driving conditions go to the text that you set custom auto reply accordingly. Show only activated every time you receive incoming text so it does not drain your phone’s battery quickly, especially in cases when you have a portable car charger.

4. Text-STAR. This is a great app to let you fine-tune your driving skills. Your device uses a sensor to determine the performance of your trip. After each trip, the app will give you the amount will depend on your performance and will give you some pointers on how to improve your driving. He has a “driver mode” that allows auto-answer feature to incoming text and “passenger mode” that lets you use your mobile phone as you would normally do.

5. DriveSafe.ly. If you can not navigate your goals without keeping in touch with your contacts, might be the perfect app for you. It transforms your mobile device into a hands-free device completely. When you receive a text message or e-mail, the application will read it to you. And if you ever feel the need to respond immediately, he wrote a message to spur you on. In this way, you do not need to take your eyes off road.

We always feel the need to be connected anytime, anywhere. Apparently, the temptation to stay in touch with our loved ones safe beyond our desire, but it does not in any way relevant. Fortunately, this app is here to help. Have one now on your phone to keep accidents at bay.