Beware! Hacker can Eyeing Your Joomla Site!

Joomla websites are known for security and reliability of their high-end, but even the most secure system vulnerable to hack attacks. Hackers are always on the lookout for sites with fallouts and security holes. In most cases, the person asking for help after the site was experiencing losses. If you have to convert PSD to Joomla, and find ways to keep hackers at bay, then the ‘preparation’ is the golden word for you. Preparing to fight all security threats as earlier helps you to avoid last minute inconvenience. Here’s a quick round up some simple but effective tips that can help you to prevent hack attacks and develop a Joomla site secure: Stay Updated: Subscribe for Joomla security update RSS or e-mail. Update your website every time a new version of Joomla is released. If you have installed Joomla update manager on your website, updating Takes less than a minute. Remember, the cost of a few minutes can help you save big money that you can use to improve the site future.

Back-up Plan: This is the least you should do to avoid losses. Hacker will not send official notification before attacking your website. You can never know when your site is attacked, but have a back-up will ensure that you can re-launch your Joomla site within an hour. Typically, the hosting service is scheduled daily or weekly back-up, but it is best to have your own back-up. It will act as insurance for your website.

Review As I installed Extension: When you convert PSD to Joomla, you will be required to install some extensions as well. Extensions developed by third party developers, and can not be considered 100% safe. When you install a new extension to your portal, it is best to check the list of vulnerable Joomla extensions first and then go ahead with the installation of a Hosting Provider process.

Partner met: see others’ Various hosting service provider you want to claim to know-it-all about Joomla hosting optimization. It is, however, best to do a thorough research before you decide on a single hosting provider. You can seek advice on the support forum or read Joomla hosting reviews. Adjust not only to identify and popular host provider.

Alter your password regularly: Changing passwords regularly is a good choice especially if you are logged in to your website using different computer systems. Also, change your FTP and CPanel password at least once a month. When you set a password, never use your spouse or pet names. Create an encrypted password and difficult to crack. Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters while making your password.

Let Hosting Provider Know: Please report any hacking attempts on your hosting provider. Once they learn that their server was hacked, then they will be able to give you the best support.

As convert PSD to Joomla, the need for safe and reliable increases Portal. Following these steps will help you in securing your portal from any possible hack attempt.