Three Reasons Why You Should Blog

In this article I will discuss what I consider to be the three most important reasons why you really should have a blog as an Internet marketer. For some reason unknown to me there are some marketers who either do not have a blog at all or put so little effort into their blogs that they may not have one.

The first thing to consider to be of strategic significance is the simple fact that it allows readers and customers to connect with you. Your blog should be a reflection of who you are. It allows you to show your customers who you are and what you value for a long time. It allows you to show your personality and the fact that you’re a real person. In short your blog is the main vehicle through which you can build your relationship with your readers long before they buy something from you. Very possible, maybe even likely, that there are people who are regular visitors to your blog is not on the list e-mailed to you. Your blog is your only chance to connect with readers and to establish yourself as an expert and someone they can trust to provide solutions for their needs.

The second reason for maintaining good quality This blog is a place to promote your products and services. Now, I’m not advocating that you overwhelm your blog with banners and other forms of advertising. In fact I would suggest that less is more when it comes to your blog, but I think your blog is the hub of your entire marketing strategy. You can link to your sales page of your blog. You can recommend the product and services of a regular post as it has always been supported by many third-content.

The very good reasons for having a blog is that it is a place to help you build your lists. In my blog, for example, have an opt-in form on the main page and pop-ups that appear every 7 days that they allow readers to opt-in to my mailing list if they like what they see They blog. By providing many interesting and good quality information that you can easily convince the reader that they want you to keep in touch with them and in many cases more than happy to opt-in to your mailing list. For me, by far the largest percentage of my customers come from my blog so it is very important to my success online.

If you ever questioned yourself about why you should keep a blog I hope The third factor that has given you the answer. Whatever you do online, in my opinion, is second to maintaining a good quality blog, full of excellent content and regular updates.