5 Important Elements to Make Your Video explainer Success

Want to display your products, applications or services in a manner appealing and fresh while getting the attention and imagination of your audience? No we are talking about “corporate video” approach God’s voice-of-grandfather. We mean good storytelling entertaining AND disarm. In other words, “un-marketing marketing.” (And PS you only have three minutes or less to do so.) Identify videoHow said explainer video explainer phenomenon came to be? No one knows for sure, but we suspect it is a combination of the effect of “This American Life” “Story of Stuff”. Sounds like a video explainer friends you want to tell a great story. Speaking directly from reliable friend.

Here five essential elements explainer Video:.

1) Know Your Audience

The golden rule of marketing. There is a standard demographics in marketing that every business should consider when selling products or services: age, gender, income level, etc. But it’s also good to brainstorm a list of questions to help draw the essence of your target audience. What they want to do on Friday night? What inspires them? What is their favorite wild animal? You get the idea. Knowing your audience on a much deeper level than the surface will help you evoke the right feeling at the end of your product.

2.) Use a conversational tone

Think about how you would explain the ideas to friends or neighbors. This is the kind of tone you want your video leaked. It is important for your video that does not sound like marketing or sales. This phenomenon is to use a conversational tone with you to get the attention of your target audience while instilling the need for a product or service.

3.) Keep it Simple

It’s natural to want to cram as much information as possible about your product or service. When making a video explainer – less is more. Write a list of all the benefits and then prioritize them in order of importance. How would you describe your product or service in five words? You want to give your audience enough information to draw their attention without giving the farm. Industry standard for video explainer 150 words.

4 script.) Identify pain points and solutions

Everyone wants a good story. And every good story has a plot driven by conflict and resolution. The most exciting way to connect with your audience quickly show drama – or areas of opportunity. Then visually show how the product or service you increase your target customer pain points and how their lives would be much better if they use the product or service.

5.) Create Action Make Call for Action

The best way to attract your target audience is the creation of actions that describe how your product or service will benefit them. Show your audience the consumer travel products or services. Do not tell them how it works. Throw them right into the action as if they were experiencing a long story. Visual essay will make your audience feel connected and tend to support your brand.

Here is an example of a well-executed video explainer to Accellion that combines live action with motion graphics visual. Two characters were created to reflect the experience of the target audience, while the 2-D animated visuals explaining Accellion mobile file sharing technology solutions.http :/ / www.studiobfilms.com/content/accellion- kitepoint category = 25?