Pharmaceutical production Granulation Tablet

Tablet is a convenient format for prescription drugs to carry, because for most people and is easy to swallow liquid medication better than carrying around with them. During production, the tablet can also be coated to enhance the flavor and paint tablets can also be used to control where the digestive system of the active ingredient is released. Important to treat certain conditions.
Most tablet combines active ingredients with excipients in powder form (powder addition), the process of merging elements together are called granulation, or more specifically as a pharmaceutical granulation processes are also used in industry food and for the production of products such as detergent and granulation fertilisers.
Why? Pharmaceutical granulation process has many purposes. It is important to ensure uniform distribution of the active ingredient in all these pills and improving the flow and compression of the powder mixture allows for predictable manufacturing process.
Granulation also helps in removing the excess amount fine powder pills that help keep the hardness and shape, so as to reach the consumer intact. This not only means that the product is not defective, but also ensure that no active components are lost when the tablet cave. A rugged tablet also easy for people to cut in half, they can choose to do before swallowing.
As and assist the active ingredient in bonds and equal, excipient powders also include spices to make it more fun for the consumer. Tablet can be formed only active ingredient, so granulation one of the important processes in pharmaceutical granulation industry.Is a common process? Although granulation is important in medicine and other industries, there is no simple formula that can be applied to all tablet. Often there is a compatibility issue where the particle size or density lead to problems in the mixing process, which can lead to disregard the active ingredient excipients. In some cases this can be overcome by granulating the active ingredient in the first stage of the process: after granulation excipient to form tablets.
Prior drugs manufactured in the form of tablets, there are usually significant testing where diversity the type and amount of excipients tested. Small variations in either excipient or process can have a significant impact on the results, including the uniform distribution of the active ingredients obviously lead to serious quality problems. To ensure the correct combination is made and then tested to ensure that it can be copied when large-scale production occurs, the test can be time consuming and granulationSpheronizers costly.
Machines used in pharmacy and pharmaceutical granulation machine extruders used and the type of equipment purchased testing phase expensive. It is possible to buy a small-scale version, such as MBS Caleva Spheronizer 120 or 380 are both designed specifically for small-scale production. However, if after testing you are planning a large-scale production, test purchase stage can not be justified. For large equipment, can also be a problem for the conservation of Extruders Spheronizers and when they are not use.
Fortunately, with manufacturers who hire spheronizing and special extrusion equipment for the pharmaceutical companies to test and short-term investigative projects. With the rental of equipment, there are opportunities for small companies to try and investigate the viability of building a larger scale before receiving the offer in full production.