Training Course Outlook – Outlook 5 Great Tips and Tricks

Five useful tips to improve the ability to hope. They include spell checking before sending e-mail, given the messages sent, permanently deleting shortcuts, delete items from the auto complete list and a quick way to save e-mail addresses.

1. Automatically Check Spelling Before Sending EmailIn case your typing skills with a tendency to let down – a good idea is to set Outlook to always check email for spelling errors before sending message.

For 2010/2007: Go to File / Office OptionsFrom ButtonSelect menu in the Options window in Outlook, select Mail from the left sideTick box “Always check spelling before sending” I-Click okfor Old Version: Go to Tools menuSelect OptionsSelect Spelling TabTick box “Always check spelling before sending” Click next OKWhen you create an email and click Submit – Spell The check will start up. If there are errors, you will be asked to fix it before the email is sent out.

2. Given MessageIt is possible to imagine the messages sent to recipients using Outlook and can not read the message or moved from their Inbox. This feature requires you to use Exchange Server, home and personal accounts do not use Microsoft’s most Exchange.

The receive e-mail messages must also be using Microsoft Exchange account.

Open sent messages from the Outlook Sent Items folder.For 2007/2010 – From the Messages tab on the Ribbon, click Actions and select the icon remember this message … For versions of Outlook – Click the Actions menu and select the messages remember … The “recall this message” dialog box will displayed.

Select options required to remove – Delete unread copies of this message or Delete unread copies and replace with a new message.

Select if Think notification of success / failure required.Click ok.the window message.You redisplayed.

Close the original message will be notified via email if you remember back successfully or failed.

3. Shortcut to Deleting When Fixed remove unwanted emails from your Inbox, try the shortcut key to delete email permanently. NOTE: This is to avoid email will be Deleted Items SHIFT and DELETE are keyboard.

Click folder.Press Yes to confirm that you want to permanently delete email.

4. Elimination of autocomplete Listas probably know, Outlook remember email addresses and presents them in the autocomplete list. On occasion you may want to remove the address from the list of examples, the address may be incorrect or now invalid.

Follow simple instructions to remove the address and keep your list up to date: Start Type in an address to the new email.

When drop list is displayed, press the down arrow on keyboard until the address is highlighted.

Press Delete button on keyboard.5. Saving Email AddressesIf receive email and want to save the email address to your Contacts in Outlook follow these simple instructions: Open the email that contains address.Right mouse click on the email address and select “Add to Outlook Contacts” on the shortcut menu.

The email address will not be displayed in the Contacts window that allows more information to be typed in.

Click Save and Close button when finished.