The Release Of Pinterest – The Next King of Social Media

Ben Silbermann, founder of Pinterest, is the child of the husband and the wife of an eye doctor, so he just assumed that he would become a doctor too.

He accepted at Yale and spent 2 years taking science classes in preparation for medical school entrance exam. Then he realized that he did not want to be a doctor, but I do not know what exactly he wants to be, he decided a career in business is run good.

So familiar story is stable occupation and employer refused to come to know. What I hate is the story usually ends here: “the rest is history” Well, really, the rest is not history because history usually begins when Ben finally found success with Pinterest, the social media giant started to give some more. from giants like Google and Facebook in terms of traffic prowess.

This commonly forgotten part of the story rather than cemented in history.

So what is left out in the history of struggle and failure of Ben Silbermann went through before he found success on Pinterest. His first attempt was an app called carry. It failed miserably! So, why is Ben Silbermann continue? Why stop there and then and go back to medical school? He did not know the next attempt will be a success but he knows that he will eventually find something that works. He only knows this because he believes himself.

Instead succumbing to frustration, Ben and his business partner to find out what is wrong with the bag. Basically the app should be a platform to buy but they look strange thing: all of their customers to copy and share pictures of products instead of buying them.

The idea for Pinterest was born. Now the rest is history.

What’s the big deal about Pinterest

In case you have not heard of Pinterest, the social media site where you made the drawing board. After you follow the other board and pin it to your board image. The idea is that users interact and share their photos and connect based on similar interests and hobbies.

Pinterest quickly began to dominate other social media platform, even Facebook, which helped provide the best traffic business from. Had Ben did not fail to Bag led to exciting discoveries in human behavior, and then have the courage to try again, he’ll become another statistic online. In fact 99% of people would stop at this point. Once again highlights the importance of persistence as a necessary feature in entrepreneurs.What we can learn from Pinterest?

Never give up

Learn from your failures

Give the people what they want

Pictures speak louder than words

There’s always room for another social media site

A professional career is not always the best choice

Business beat a doctor