Four Things To Consider When Setting Up a Blog

In this article I will give you four things to consider when you first create your blog. Almost anyone can create a blog but just a few clicks to make your blog special something that requires a little more thought and a little more effort.

Make Blog Look Good The The first consideration is to make your blog interesting as possible. Now, that may seem obvious but I invite you to look a little active blogs, at random, and see how many interesting and in many cases the best is just plain ugly. Let me tell you that unless your blog looks good from a first glance you would not stay, no matter how good the content. I know you should not judge a book by its cover but we all do that. So please choose the theme that good, even if you pay a few dollars for a premium theme. Take your time choosing a theme. See other blogs and see what looks good to you.

Consider existence Professional Graphics Created The next thing that I think is most important is to give serious consideration to having a professionally created graphics. This has nothing to do with making your blog look good but it is very important that I think need to be considered in its own right. I know, especially when you are just starting out, the temptation to cut a few corners, and therefore some of the cost, powerful. Let me suggest that there are some things that you should not try to save, and graphics for your blog is one of them. Your blog is the focal point for all of your online presence and the presence of sub-standard graphics on your blog can also leave the reader wondering what others are sub-standard.

Have An Opt-In Form and / or a Pop-up Almost everything I do involves getting people to visit my blog and as a result of my blog, through, now my biggest generator of traffic and therefore the biggest contributor to the development of my list. I can not imagine not giving me a chance to keep up to date with new posts, news and reviews of all the effort spent in getting them there in the first place. Therefore I have an opt-in form on the main page as well as the pop-ups that appear every seven days. Visitors will not unless invited their customers to do so.

Avoid Too many bells and WhistlesI appreciate this may sound a little strange because the whole purpose of your online business is to make money, but there is an old saying, “Less is more”. This is very true. I would strongly suggest that you keep things simple and interesting. Keep your ads to a minimum, especially on your main page, and avoid using too many flashing banners. I would recommend you do not use at all except the sound of your posts include a video or audio. People come to get great content. Let them do so without interference or they just could leave.

If to keep four points in mind when you are designing your blog and then I believe you will have a much greater chance of attracting and retaining wonderful readers and subscribers. By doing so you give your online business the best chance for success.