Move Your Office? Cloud Gives You Options

You have to fight the lack of space for your operations for years and now, finally, you’re ready to find a bigger place and really moved. But wait, there are some things, from our point of view, we want you to consider first. We just might be able to do more than a transition to a larger space, we may be able to help you make the transition as one that provides a series of extraordinary profits, all while saving money . That last three words could be caught your attention. After all, this step is probably not a money-saving initiatives. So how can we help you move, upgrade your network, and can reduce the cost of your new space? In short, cloud. You see, network cloud lower overall network costs and save you from ever having to buy another server or PC again.

How’s do it? With all the cloud data network is moved to a highly secure data center to house our Dell supercomputer. You are connected to your network via the internet from anywhere with a web capable device. Our caddies installed in your office, this cloud access device without moving parts.So office now you are free from all the ancient hardware. Server is in the cloud, PC caddies replaced without maintenance (and if one fails, a rare event, we replace them soon) 8-10 years and the last electrical use only one- tenth of a standard tower PC. Think how much you will save on electricity alone. But it’s getting better, a little way to tune the IT problems of 95 percent less. And the remaining five per cent of these issues? Ninety-five percent of them can handle remotely.

So think to move to a new office space, maybe get some new furniture. Your new office is much less CO2 being pumped into it through the network. You have captured floorspace used to be occupied by your PC tower. And your server room? Now the supply closets. People will be more productive, you have to get very easy access to your network from home, on the road, on holiday (sorry about that), though, anwhere, anytime web-enabled device. So do not miss the opportunity to maximize the benefits of moving your company. You will go through some major changes, however, may well make all the changes that can help you be more productive and prosperous. After all, that’s why you’re in business, right?