How, When and Where to Put Click Banner To Convert Into Sales

Banner ad placement is definitely one of the preferred methods for marketers to drive traffic to their websites. However, for people who are just starting out in this industry, it can be difficult and confusing to know where, when and how to put a banner that actually turn clicks into leads and ultimately Revealing sales.

Let ‘s step-by-step, how to defining your audience first, then find a high converting website publishers, where to place your banner on the site, and finally, when the best time to run your ads.

Defining AudienceDefining Target your ideal or target audience is the first thing you want to do to running a successful online business. If you offer your expertise with e-books, you consulting services by phone, or products sent directly to your customer’s door, it is important that you know what’s best customers look like, how they access the internet, what their interests are, etc. To do this , you can ask yourself: What is the problem your product / service I solve? Anyone who might be interested in this solution? What possible diseases / problems that I have been trying to solve for? What is the typical age range of my customers? Where my clients the perfect life? My customer is male or female? For example, you can offer a series of videos that explain how to grow, prune and care for bonsai trees. In this case, your answer to the above question might be something like:

Problem solved: Teach people how to grow and prune important for Bonsai Trees.

Who may be interested: These people have a hobby

Potential pain / problems to be solved: The need to have someone to teach them how to grow bonsai trees

Age group: adults between 50 and 60 years old, but not an exclusive range of age

Customer Location: In the case of a bonsai tree, can be irrelevant

Gender: Both males and females

Choosing a High Converting SitesNow you have identified your audience and narrowed, when you run a banner ad campaign (or any type of advertising campaign in this case) what you have to ask yourself is: what is it that I am really offers and what type of website (s ) can provide traffic I need to know my audience? Still using the example of golf bonsai tree, it would be a big mistake to run our banners on websites that offer things such as financial services, online gaming, music recommendations, etc.

Answering questions above, you can generate the following response: I will offer a series of video to teach people how to grow bonsai trees. Sites that can provide targeted traffic may include site talking about horticulture, gardening supplies, home gardening, landscaping, etc.

Those is part of your keyword, and they are what you need to identify the site you want to run a campaign. To do this, you simply type in keywords that Google and ideally, you should try to advertise in the first 3 or 4 site appears in the results. The way to do this is to open in each of the web site and go to the bottom of the landing page where there is usually a link that says “Advertise with us” or something similar.

As a side note, a tool that you can use to investigate Your keywords is Google Analytics. Just type it into Google and you can use it to free.

Now have contact with these sites and that the next section describes more detail.Location Banner – The Dog Now that you have 3 or 4 websites where you can advertise and confirms they really selling advertising space on their website, the next step is to contact them to talk about the details of the ad. Especially, the price and the location. It is highly recommended that when you are talking about a site owner, you make it clear you are paying per click, rather than paying for impressions. Furthermore, it is also important for you to dig deeper into their site and arrange to show your ads to a specific page only.

For example, if one of your results when searching for keywords related bonsai is “gardening supplies” and wanted to advertise their website, the probability that the site offers various types of gardening supplies, not only supplies bonsai trees. This is why you should contact them and clear and tell them that you will only pay for the clicks generated page showing content relevant to your offer, which in this case can be a page with an article about how to make your own bonsai pots are used to fill , old and broken home appliance.

This very important to you, because you do not want your ads to send traffic to your website from people browsing the site right but not the exact web page. For example, people browsing the same site about gardening mentioned above, but saw an ad on a page that has an article on how to use manure as fertilizer … Be careful with this, as well as your budget can run pretty fast if you get a lot of clicks from the non-targets. Remember that you pay per click, and it does not matter whether the people who click on your ad eventually become paying customers for you or not. Either way, you still have to pay for click.

Location Banner – Part Byou can (and definitely should) go to a deeper level when talking about the location of the banner, and the banner itself.

Ideally shows the location of the page, you want to have your banner displayed ” , on top of the fold “. In the current times of advertising began to be used in printed materials such as newspapers. Supposedly, the ads “above the fold” in newspaper and sold work better than ads that appear below the fold. Taking this analogy to our digital world, above the fold means the right space on the browser screen when you load a web page without having to scroll down.

So what you want to negotiate to Show Your banner at the top of the page or on both sides of the articles related to keyword.

It you want ‘s showtime! So now that you have covered all the steps above, some products and services related only to certain times of the year, or even that they are related only to a certain time in a week. There are so specific that only relevant to a particular time day.

In our example video series bonsai trees, fortunately no time of year where people really do not know how to grow bonsai trees and cut. Winter may not be a good time to promote the hobby, but still need to take care of bonsai trees no matter what time we in.

So for the sake of this article, let’s pretend that your video series is only relevant during the spring. And going one level deeper, you see that people are more receptive time of materials from Friday night to Sunday nights.

In case, it would be in your best interest to negotiate with publishers (website owners who run ads on its website) for display ads only during a certain time period that you specify above. Once again, remember that you have to pay for every click that your banner receives, whether it be your customers or not. So for example, if someone clicks on your banner just curious but in the end he remembered that they had to go back to work because it was a Wednesday morning, you still have to pay for it as click.

So A Retrospective, Notes:

Determining your target audience (age, gender, household income, etc.).

Carefully select the site you want to promote your offer (website attract the same audience you are after).

Minimize the placement of ads on pages with content that is relevant to the product / offer.

Shrink ad placement even more with negotiating your banner displayed above the fold.

Decide what is the best season, month, day and / or time of day to display your ads.

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