3 Overlooked Common Blogging Mistakes That Can Affect Your SEO Rankings

Now while being a successful blogger is primarily about equal giving your readers innovative content that they will want to read every time, there are also important but overlooked factor is rather easy to consider before pressing Publish blogging button.

Sure elements may not be significant, but not give them the attention they really worth possibly can make you lose you have top ranking in search engine results pages that you really worked hard in a long time.

When it comes blogging, push the right amount of traffic to your page can easily make the difference between a successful blog and the poor. So if you are looking to maintain your online excellence every time you post new content on your blog, it was a simple mistake that will surely affect your SEO rankings in an emergency: Not being aware of Your keywords.

Keywords plays a very big role when it comes to lying favorable rankings in the search engine results pages. They are just one of the most important traffic drivers to your blog. If you see that you pay close attention to the placement of keywords in your posts, it will be easier for search engines to index your blog when the relevant requests are typed into the search bar. Although you can find different suggestions when it comes to how often you should repeat certain keywords in your posts, the best thing to remember when doing this is moderation. Do not just cram it in your posting like there’s no tomorrow. It’s okay to repeat it more than twice, as well, provided they are not going to look suspicious spam search engines.

Not outlook minimum and maximum limits for total count.

The as the word of your post many things for it to properly indexed by web crawlers search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There is a very high likelihood that search engine fail to see your blog if your posts are very short because they assume that it is more useful to information.

Moreover, is a very long also result in the search engine crawlers to think that your post is just full of feathers and should not be indexed. To be safe, adjust the number of posts you have a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 600. Always remember that you are writing for the blog and not the scientific journal entries or gag for the new ship when conceptualizing detailed excerpt.

Have post.

Not have you ever tried to find something on the web and when These results appear, you see broken description page and complete? This can happen in your post when users key in the relevant search terms. Even keeping it under 150 characters and can be difficult so short, you will definitely push a lot of traffic when the web live instantly see what your post is really about.